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Hi, Im dev of the following tool that lets you change your mouse cursor (in D3 or any other game) and was hoping to get your approval whether its a bannable thing or not :)

It's noninvasive and works just like Fraps and does not touch D3 memory

LINK with download and animated gif example:
Bizzard pls.
Yeah, accept it please!
The actual cursor is really hard to locate when you are close combatant in middle of a pack.
Let's imagine you want to attack the east side of the pack... Yes, that's what you want to do... but because you cant really see your cursor you often you do it based on where you think your cursor is. And sometimes... you go in the wrong direction.

I tried YOLOMOUSE and it's great, not that usefull, but I was finaly able to click without any doubt where I wanted to click.
Yes, I would love to use this and know if I will be banned for it. As a wizard I tend to lose my cursor in the chaos of effects especially in groups.
Would like a reply to this please.
Bump, need an answer.
i dont think blizz will answer... honestly i dont think its a big deal. i been using these sorts of mods for ages and never been banned /shrug. this includes dark3d, a graphic overall for d3 thats much more intrusive (highly recommended btw!)

to my knowledge its only bots that get you banned.
banwave went live... havent gotten any angry emails on my end yet :D
You said yolo, Kill yourself.
cursor is a big issue, plz expand by 400% thx.
There s NO WAY they will 'Ban' anyone for using this. It would be like banning someone with a vision impairment that needed a larger mouse pointer to see what it is they're doing.

Not to mention they screwed up the mouse after their last patch. They should 'ban' themselves.
You can also add addtionals shapes, sizes and colours with certain amount of achievement points!

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