What does Fire Monk mean?

One would think this indicates a few things.

1.) Probably most important, you stack fire skill damage.

and maybe this is where is I'm having an issue.

2.)You choose skills that are Fire elemental and optimize for damage based on that.

Having those two criteria I don't see how a fire monk is possible for T5+
Your saying you think it's impossible no matter what items you have to achieve higher than T5 using those 2 base criteria?

Like no way at all possible in this game??

And you believe that...?
Fire monks are incredible.

The idea is you stack cdr, get cindercoat and generate spirit using Epiphany, air ally and probably reapers wraps and you take your spirit generator off your bar entirely.

My gear needs work, but my build is a good example of a T5 fire build. You use inner sanctuary for survivability and stack cdr for higher epiphany up time and damage.
OP, can't believe you rolled a secondary stat on your cindercoat instead of sockets. Makes my DH weep.

You should go troll the DH forum post titled "no cindercoat club" with that item.
Yes, by only maximizing damage, I don't think Monks are capable. We are forced to choose defensive skills to compromise, you won't be able to run a full fire skill set at T6. Kind of a shame.
I needed those def stats on main... Just tried to max both DPS and Toughness, maybe I'm doing it wrong?
To be honest I don't personally feel it makes a difference anyways other than for bragging rights.

They haven't made the risk vs reward high enough to bother with T5. I did it successfully on my Lightning build and got less drops than when I did T3.RNG gods like me better on T3
04/22/2014 09:57 AMPosted by Stonicus
I needed those def stats on main... Just tried to max both DPS and Toughness, maybe I'm doing it wrong?

I think 660+ Dex is worth a lot more than 150+ to your OWE.

Killing things faster IS actually a type of defense.
See you have to build sanctuary, you have to build, air ally, you have to stack cdr, you can't go all out Fire skills. your only fire skills are LKT and E inner fire, but that's mostly for the util of the spirit regen, if it didn't have that you'd prob opt it out for something of more util.
Well, if we talk about efficient solo monk, then probably OP is right as there is probably 0 builds that will make it on T6.
But build with which monk can play on T6? why not? Basically firemonk in another words is LTK-fire-rune monk, other skills can be mixed.
I tried your fire build and it was not really good. My lightning build was way better.

Then I saw the fire build without a spirit generator and tried it... never went back haha(Well till i get a SOH :D ) . Like what others are saying you stack cdr. You probably can get above 50% cdr. With that amount you can rotate Epiphany: Desert Shroud and IS: Forbidden Place for 50% Damage reduction constantly.

For your damage, you will stack fire skills, GNK and Cindercoat. Your LTK cost will drop to around 16-17 depending if you have more resource reduction. With Air ally active ability, Epiphany and spirit gen passives you wont have problem spamming LTKs.

Hope this helps, and credits to Druin and his friend Nichodemus for the build!
04/22/2014 09:57 AMPosted by Stonicus
I needed those def stats on main... Just tried to max both DPS and Toughness, maybe I'm doing it wrong?

It was certainly a mistake but nothing to fret over. A minor gearing error in the grand scheme of things. A 3-socket roll would allow you to choose either 3x Emeralds, 3x Diamonds, or some combination. 2 high diamonds and a high emerald would give you more resist and more dex than the fire resistance alone, for example. Live and learn, as they say.
Ugh... looking at this is making my head hurt...

Rerolled secondary stat for fire res on NOT ONLY his Cindercoat...

But ALSO Magefist, Unity and Gyana Na Kashu and LIGHTNING res on the SoJ!?!

I havent even had the chance to play RoS much yet and even I know better!!

/Day Ruined
Fire Monk mean strong. Passionate. Full of burning desire to rid planet of evil.

Fire Monk mean YOU are the chosen one.
It's ok guys, he has EB equipped :3

Nah but srsly... OP, you might want to rethink your strategy in this game.
Ok so what should my strategy be to maximize both my DPS and res/toughness?

Edit: also in line with being a "fire monk"
Just trying to maximize my fire damage...
The goal is to have high paper DPS as well as high fire skils damage %. They do work together you know right?

If you need extra defense invest your paragon points into it or replace an emerald with a diamond for the time being. The beauty of sockets is it allows you to be flexible when you are lacking in one particular department.

fire resistances really have nothing to do with a "fire monk" build.
Yeah, I know, I was using it for my OWE, I guess this passive isn't as helpful as I thought it was...

here this might help.

The passive is incredibly useful, I think what Tarzan and others are responding to is your focus on maximizing that passive at the expense of maximizing other, probably better stats. Take your Unity, Magefist and Cindercoat as examples, you rerolled all of those secondaries to stack fire. If instead you'd done:

- Magefist: reroll Vit -> CritHitChance
- Unity: reroll LoH -> CritHitDamage
- Cindercoat: reroll Armor -> 3sockets

If you'd done this you would have considerably more damage, which in its own way is damage mitigation, and with the Cindercoat you'd have flexibility to throw in 3 diamonds (much higher rez potential than the fire secondary) or some diamonds and some emeralds or all emeralds (3 flawless royals is +840 Dexterity!).

You are correct, One With Everything is an amazing passive, but I think you were a little too quick to decide Fire Res is where you needed to land and focused on that at the expense of better options.

-Written from the perspective of someone who has been hunting a Cindercoat forever, and cringes at the sight of a reroll not for sockets.

Good luck, you seem to have RNGesus on your side, perhaps you'll get another shot at some of these.

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