Blizz, PLEASE give this to us Lightning Barbs

A lightning rune to Ancient spear. Something like: "Your spear turns into a charged bolt and has a chain lightning effect, hitting up to 5 additional enemies for x% weapon damage as lightning."

One of my favorite classes/ builds in D2 was the Jav-Zon (javelin amazon). With DHs taking bows, barbs would make a perfect javelin hurling class.

Add Titans Javelin to the game, (give it similar stats to odynson), we already have TGods, toss in a 300th spear... How badass does a duel spear wielding god-like barbarian hurling lightning bolts sound???? ZEUS LIGHTNING!
Yeah,i would like to see other barbs,beside fire ones.Lightning is always cool :)
Haha for real man I'm so sick of it. It was bugged, get over SoH. Now killing lightning... That I won't get over. Lightning is sweet, it's just cool as !@#$ zapping and electrocuting stuff. I get how fire synergies with the barb, lightning should just as well. Poison cold and holy? Yea leave those to the other classes they don't make sense. But a THUNDERGOD(see what I did there?)? %^-*. Yes.
I'm still holding my breath for weapon switch with alternate skill procs like in d2 :-(
04/17/2014 08:57 AMPosted by DRE
We need more shard of hate rage threads from nerds on suicide watch.

Inb4 you read the post and realize that OP didn't mention SoH.
Bump for support.

Such a satisfying skill.
Please please PLEASE this is an awesome idea!
Very nice idea, more different elemental runes yay!
While there at it i wouldn't mind some more cold skills.
I agree that it's incredibly silly that there aren't lightning runes on ancient spear.
Please no.

If javazon and wwbarb would be combined into one charcter I would ji-zz my pants so hard it would hurt for a lifetime.

Im not ready to be in heaven yet.
Sounds fun and interesting. +1 from me!
TBH, theres already too many Lightnight Skills the Barb has. Id rather get another skill with Cold.
Blizzo pls
I remember seeing a thread just like this being asked before RoS came out as well, and I figure it's been requested even before that when 2.0 first came out. But I agree, there needs to be a lightning rune for Ancient Spear.

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