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All too often when an elite is killed or a chest opened, you can see the loot physically come out of them, yet they do not appear on the ground. Not until you run away and return to it will it appear on the ground. Is this going to be fixed soon? It is rather frustrating to be in public games rushing through rifts and having to constantly stop and fall behind because of the loot not appearing.
I've seen this quite often. It's strange. A loot lag but usually only from chests, though I have even seen it happen when mobs have dropped loot. I often go slower to make sure I don't miss legendaries that might pop out too late. So many things that are broken drop nothing anyway, so I might easily miss something due to this bug or lag or whatever it is.
I am experiencing this issue as well at times and it's frustrating when looking for a specific white item. Mostly, I just pay attention to the map hud to see that gold star appear. :)
Seems to be a pretty common problem. Hopefully this thread gets more hits so the blues will reply/take note of the issue and get it hot fixed soon
They had to address a far more threatening menace to the game first. The dread SoH. Priorities, my man, priorities.
Still having an issue with this, and it's incredibly annoying. It's happening frequently with both mobs and chests.
Both me and at least two of those I play with frequently got this problem. It can sometimes takes up to 7-10 second before the loot shows. You see the item being thrown up in the air and land on the ground. BUT they you don't see the text so you have no idea what it is... It's quite annoying to just stand and wait...

This is not because of lag, so it would be nice if someone could explain why this is happening?

Do it take a while (queue?) for the server to roll what kind of item the mob should drop or?
04/27/2014 11:54 PMPosted by Horniak

It's quite annoying to just stand and wait...

This is not because of lag

Both great points to mention. Having to just stand there waiting, for me usually in the 5-10 second range, which feels like an eternity in a "fast paced action game". Also, ya, it seems completely unrelated to lag, happening when the the game is otherwise performing very well.
Big time loot lag tonight.

LLFTL (loot-lag-for-the-loss)
Been experiencing this every day for the last 2 weeks. Gets annoying having to press esc after every elite kill to force stuff to show up.

The lag in this game has changed, but is still very much present.

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