Andariel's Helm Re-roll | Seeking advice

Demon Hunter

Please have a look at my Helm:

According to (,
I gain 12,600 DPS per 1.0% Critical Hit Chance.

Does anyone think it's worth re-rolling the +15% Multishot damage for 8-10% increase in Critical Chance?

Max is 6%. Since you are using LfB, which is probably what you use to kill elites... yes.

Highly recommend you use a slower weapon. More damage per hatred spent. In the case of a 2H crossbow, its about 40% more damage with the same hated (your limiting factor).
Thanks for taking a look!

A couple more questions please:
1. What's considered to be a recommended ratio between Crit Chance and Crit Hit Damage?

2. Does the recommended ratio change when using a Bow/XBow/2x1Handers?


Could use some solid advice please, regarding what's been outlined in post #3.


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