Game locks up and forces hardware reboot.

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I'm on OSX, MacBook Air 2013 model. The game constantly locks up when I change zones: teleport to someone's banner, teleport back to town, enter a new rift, etc.

Most of the time the loading screen will freeze and there will be some looping ambient sound, but sometimes it will load the first frame of the game and freeze on that. I can move my cursor around and there's a looping sound, but the only thing I can do is hard-restart my computer.

This has been happening since RoS was released... it happened a lot at first but then it stopped for a while, now it's back. It's happened 4 times already in the past hour.
Just happened again.
Happened again. I can't be the only one.
same here since a few days ago
Im having the same issue the loading screen freezes and I have to hard reboot my mac in order to get fix the situation. It has happened about 5 times in the last few days. Everything in the background for my mac works, for instance spotify, but the screen is freezing and any attempt to minimize D3 into a window doesn't work
happens to me too on my mac mini. it sometimes just hangs when loading a game and i have to force a reboot manually.

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