Essence of Twin Seas/Born's Key farming

Looking for people who are farming these two items

Essence of Twin Seas for Captain Crimson's set
Born's Key for Born's Command set

Perma Archon is within reach again!

Please add me if interested, eLINminator#1776

Hey dude! Long time no see!

I could so use Twin Seas, but my best guy (a dh!) can just barely do T1 (in game dps is 550k, toughness 7mil), I might hurt more than help... But if you don't mind that I'll be happy to farm with you.
Hi Emmet,

You are more than welcome to join!
Just got two born keys within 5mins of each other within same run!

I have done the research on the farming runs and have the method down. Basically anyone can join as long as you are willing to spend the time remaking games.
i've been looking for some essences, let's do the run sometime?
doing these now, add xelstone#1719
skyquake#1457 - will be doing these all day
doing runs now if anyone else interested
often interested in doing some of these between rift runs

usually on in evenings
yoyo, invite me whenever you need a 4th... I'm not immediately in need of crafting these, but will run anytime
Borns is an absolute pain to farm - I honestly think the Borns Key mat is bugged or it just hates me. Did 12 t4 runs and found 1 borns plan. Argh - just recommend doing matriarchs bones as well as you often find the rare spawns when doing that one. I guess more grinding for me :(
looking for more farmers for these mats!
I'm down, usually on after 6pm pdt if you're around!
eLIN, I am farming the Captain's mats. Just send me a message when you are farming them and I'll come help.
nothing worse to farm than these. pretty sure they are gimped since the bosses never appear.

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