Energy Twister - will it ever be worth using?

They didn't nerf it from Vanilla though. In fact it was substantially buffed. Wicked wind was 252%, and now its 743%.

Its just a fundamentally flawed skill; Doubling it's damage would still make it awkward and unused.
If energy twister did 15000% damage, it would still rarely strike monsters, and it would be such a brief period of time, that it would do nothing anyway.

But honestly, most of our skills & runes aren't viable, and that's the same with most classes. So, meh, what can you do? I'm thankful wizard isn't the worst dps anymore.
double the aoe and damage and it might be decent for higher torments
Skill is bad and you should feel bad.

I've never ever like twister. Its damage output is pathetic. I guess blizzards got the big numbers syndrome where they see big numbers and think it makes the game better. They've had this problem for quite some time now. I.E Wow for example. I guess fooling people is pretty easy nowadays. Just add a couple zeros behind the number and you've got a unique and challenging game...

But in reality its just same game, larger numbers, nothing new. And in reality 1000 percent over 6 seconds is pointless since 6 seconds is forever in combat in the first place.
I'm actually using it with the raging storm rune for my build. The big reason is because I play melee wizard and I also have the Frostburn gloves and a cold weapon (they chill enemies), and ET procs the freeze the most of all skills. With my Reaper Wraps, Prodigy passive, siphoning spectral blades, and 7 arcane power on crit, I can upkeep a good number of twisters. Sure the damage isn't as high as other skills, but in team play the freezing is very useful. Definitely more of a support role type of build. All I need now is Azurewrath.
Arcane Torrent = 573% damage, 16 AP, no cool down, can aim.

ET = 167% damage (in reality, if you're lucky) 1000% over 6 seconds, 35 AP, no clue where it's going, you might hit multiple mobs.

For less AP, you can do more damage, in much less time, and actually hit whatever it is you want to kill. How does stuff like this ever make it off the drawing board, much less through QA?

Maybe if ET spiraled outward like the old pali hammers used to do, or something where you had a better and consistent idea of how it was going to behave. Just horrible, in every possible way. I wouldn't use up a slot for this, if it had zero AP cost.
Yup, everything about Twisters is bad. And to add insult to injury, the one legendary that would even make ET a skill to consider is a two hander. Wow.

Whoever was in charge of 2.01 Wizard planning failed hardcore on this one.
I'm only a t2 wiz but i used it for a bit with the straight staff. main complaint is no burst damage with it and meteor seemed better :)
Would be cool if each tick of ET did 1000% damage - since it only hits mobs a few times anyways. That could make Valthek's Rebuke ( a better option versus a 1H + Source.
05/19/2014 09:32 AMPosted by z0oks
Would be cool if each tick of ET did 1000% damage - since it only hits mobs a few times anyways. That could make Valthek's Rebuke ( a better option versus a 1H + Source.

Honestly I think it having it's speed co-efficient back (so AS would increase it's procs) and having it do something like 1800% weapon damage would be a good change for the spell.
Oh look, I fixed two major problems in 3 simple changes:

Chantodos Will new legendary effect
Resource cost of Energy Twister has been reduced by 35%

Chantodos Force new legendary effect
Your energy twisters now benefit from the Wicked Wind rune

Chantodos 2 Piece Effect
(2) Casting Energy twister grants you a shield for 16,258 absorbing damage (and can stack)
Wizard in their current form have too many spender options. In fact, the more options you have, the more difficult it is to make all of them appealing.
The problem isn't that Energy Twister is too weak, the problem is, once ET will be buffed enough, it will replace Arcane Orb as both of them have the same gameplay-wise mechanic, right click 3times then left click until you get enough ap.

Disintegrate and Arcane Torrent currently suffer from this. You can't have player make a real choice about these two spells, one will always be better and player will always use the best.

And to this problem there is only one solution in a game like DIII, both spells need to be complementary so that you can't say "X is better than Y", because they're just too different to be compared.

For exemple, if I ask you "which one is better between Arcane Torrent / Disintegrate?"
There is actually an answer, both skill are so alike that one will be more potent in most scenario. (Not even talking about legendaries)
However if I ask you "Which one is better between Hydra and Blizzard?"
Well.. here we got something insteresting, because they both do different things (beside damage), so you'll actually need to be more specific, better in what? Damage? CC? The fact is, those two spells are so different that you can't really say if one is better than another because it will most likely depend of the player build.

This is what we need for Energy Twister (and some other skills actually...)
Energy Twister need to get a general rework to make it different from Arcane Orb (and Meteor, to some degree).
For instance, if we would add a charge mechanic to ET and buff its damage quite a bit. Something like
"Energy Twister

Cost: 1 Charge

Unleash a twister of pure energy that deals 1000% weapon damage as Arcane over 6 seconds to everything in its path. You gain a charge of Energy Twister every 6 second up to 3 charges

Basically, every 5sec u get a free Twister. This could also be very potent with Arcane Dynamo.
Mistral Breeze could add a 80% slow
Raging Storm could instead, make you launch powerful twister but u get one charge every 10sec.
Storm Chaser could give your Signature Spell a 25% chance to grant you a charge.

I do not say THIS is the only solution. But I do think this would be a step in the right direction. An ET with charge couldn't be used as AP spender (because it is not), so you've no competition between ET and the 6 other spenders we already have. It could easily replace Familiar if blizzard would make CDR affects the charge rate.

What do you guys think
The fact that there's an item that makes the twister travel in a straight line just goes to show how absolutely terrible the itemization in this game is. Like who at Blizzard thought that was interesting at all, both in theory and practice. The amount of damage twisters do in the small amount of time they're hovering over enemies makes the direction they travel mostly irrelevant. In practice, it's even more laughable.

The rune system for skills in Diablo 3 is just so bad.

Why does Chain Lightning have a rune that enables it to do fire damage? Why would a skill named "Electrocute" ever do any damage other than lightning? If they wanted to make the rune system interesting they would build on this premise rather than completely change the ability so that it's basically a placeholder. Likewise, why would a skill named Shock Pulse ever do any damage other than lightning?

The Wizard doesn't have a single low level ability that does Fire damage. The first skill that does Fire damage is Hydra, which you get at level 21. How is this good design? The earliest fire-based skill that the Wizard gets is a Rune variant of "Charged Bolts" at level 18, which is already useless because Charged Bolts was never meant to be a high level ability in Diablo 2 or Diablo 3.

Where is the build options? You're basically pigeon holed the entire game into whatever the strongest element is at your level. Gear doesn't change this until you get to the late game (takes maybe 2 days) at which point it goes the opposite direction and pigeon holes you into the element that has the gear to back it up. There is absolutely no options, at any point in the game, unless you want to make things far more difficult than they need to be (and the game is already a snooze-fest at high difficulties).

In Diablo 2 you could start out right away with your choice between Ice Bolt, Charged Bolt, or Fire Bolt. That's 3x as many options as Diablo 2. Then you got to choose whether you wanted to further specialize into those elements and they were all viable so long as you actually specialized into them intelligently.

The only argument against these "choices" is the fact that Diablo 2 had monster element immunity affixes, which made you have to diversify your build. How is this any different than Diablo 3's affixes? You're forced into defensive play styles because of the gear-check affixes that deal damage without any ability to be evaded such as Plague Pools, Jailer, Frozen (the orbs do significant damage before they explode), leaping monsters (way too many), etc. etc. How is this any different? They've literally just changed it so that instead of being able to choose how you diversify your build you're pigeon holed into 1 or 2 viable options. I consider "viable" in Diablo 3 to be anything that works above Torment 80, which is basically the difficulty equivalent of "Hell" in Diablo 2. Anything below that is just as easy as a level 80 Diablo 2 character doing Nightmare difficulty.

Lots of thoughts here but I've been playing Diablo 2 recently and I don't know how they lost so much of what was to be learned. Why are they including abilities that even in Diablo 2 were just placeholders for higher level abilities? Why are they including runes that are basically "select your element" variations when elements are entirely meaningless. Why are there so few options for the elements that you're able to take advantage of (aside from elements being meaningless). Why did they even include elements at all? Just over homogenizing things for the same of over simplicity, did nothing but take away from the game.

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