everyone has the exact same items lol...

Demon Hunter
Special snowflake. Everything frozen.

6pc marauder
Frost Arrow

Can swap down to 4pc marauder 3pc aughilds and garwulf too. Damage reduction on 4 sentrys with numbing traps and guardian bubble saves lives though.

Can mob through T6 without any unity shenanigans.
04/22/2014 10:44 AMPosted by Cerran
I for one don't like the LFB/Fire build at all and have gone a completely different direction. I have no problem farming at T1-T3 and I have no problem surviving in T4.

It would be nice to see Bliz give a little more thought to balancing the skills for the DH for other elements.

"While we arrived at a place much closer to where we were aiming, we think there's room for some additional adjustments. I don't have details on exact changes to share at this time, but it's likely you'll see some skills, and not just for the Barbarian, shift around their elemental type in a future patch."


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