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i forgot to mention that i use the "serpents-sparker". this item allows to cast two hydras at the same time (You may have one extra Hydra active at a time). so i lose the dmb-buff twice... :-(
How do you lose it twice? Do you go to 5, then cast, then up to 5 again and cast once more?

I personally think they need to redo a lot of the Wizard "talents" and spells, as most are lackluster to say the least.
How do you lose it twice? Do you go to 5, then cast, then up to 5 again and cast once more?

+1 I'm Korean in Asia server. I'm playing MM + hydra wiz with Serpents and T&T BiS.

AD is not working on hydra. I've lost a lot of DPS that makes me pissed off.

I want Blz to hotfix this bug.
Incredibly annoying bug, i was hoping to run Serpent Sparker + Arcane dynamo + focus/restraint rings for some cool combo of 1.6 * 1.5

Instead i got hit by hydra/AD bugs ( and since i don't have rings yet, I wonder if they work with hydra at all ).
Seriously would love to see dynamo increase hydra damage, it would make hydra quiet a valuable skill to have. Great utility/dps increase while giving you room to "dodge" while they continue the onslaught. Though it may seem a little OP, I think wizards need it. If my calculations are correct...each hydra head(on my wiz) crits 60% increase...would bump them up to 2.4m a pop, very nice bump imo.

So.... +1 to this hope blizz fixes hydra to work with dynamo...even if at a lower % increase(25% or so)
I dont think a nurf would be necessary. Cause you get the 6ß%n on each other (even strong) skill

+1 for bug fix!
I can confirm that arcane dynamo is not working for hydra.

In addition, the Bastions of Will set bonus (Restraint and Focus rings) aren't working with hydra either.

Would a blue chime in to let us know they are aware of this bug? It should be included in the 'known issues' section.
C'mon Blizzard, Hydra is such trademark spell in Diablo universe and it really needs developer love.

Right now:

1) Arcane dynamo is not working
2) Focus and restraint bonus is not working
3) Area damage is not working with arcane/lightning hydras i've tested
blizz please fix this bug asap
can we get a blue to acknowledge issue is indeed a bug?
blizz... i'm your conscience... fix this bug! FIX IT ;-)

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