Game Hangs When I TP From A Rift

Mac Technical Support
Every time I activate the town portal from a rift in a solo game, the game will hang when it reaches the loading screen. Just today, I have already restarted my mac so many times that it's really sickening. Blizzard, please do something about it. I shouldn't have to put up with something like this when I paid for the game.
yeah keeps happening
Thanks for the heads up!
R.I.P. my Monk tonight... murdered by a frozen loading screen.

I have no comfort level playing any of my HC characters until this is rightfully fixed. So stupid.
this is why I will never play HC again. until they either fix these issues or make the game available offline, soft core it is for me
I am having the same problem with the computer hanging when TP after a rift. This started earlier this week. Mac Pro. OS 10.7

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