Worth switching to DW?

I've always been a fan of two-handed weapons, but I know there are problems with them in D3. You can't fit as many shiny magic affixes on them as you can on a pair of one-handers.

I have a pretty dangerous Skorn (check my profile), but I also have some plans for Legendary one-handers: Griswold's Perfection, Hallowed Protectors, and Blood-Magic Edge. Would I get much of a power boost from crafting a good combination out of those, or should I just stick with Skorn and keep upgrading the gems in my armor?

I'm a fire barb, currently HoTA focused. I can currently handle T2 solo or team, inching into T3. I want to find the rest of the pieces of the Legacy of Raekor, and build around the all-rune Furious Charge.
2900 dps with strength and socket is pretty high for 2h weapon

You would probably need above average rolls on the 1h weapons to surpass it, and none of the ones you listed have procs.
It looks like your items and build are not set up normally, but.... For a fire barb, there are specific one handers that you'll want to keep an eye out for: Burning Axe of Sankis, Sun Keeper, and Devastator (crafted mace). These ones come with +fire damage or +elite damage and are probably best in slot right now.
Right, most of my gear was on my Crusader for a bit there. It's back now.
Being able to use dual emeralds is a pretty big deal. And the drop in face value damage from a 2900 dps 2-hander to 2600 dps 1-handers (2300 + 15% for the dual wield speed bonus) is not particularly terrible anyway.

But if 260% CHD from dual emeralds doesn't grab you, I think the only reason for switching when you already have a good 2-hander is if you want to be able to grab more +elemental% damage.

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