Input on gear, please


Here is what I have so far. I haven't been able to find a usable upgrade in quite some time, so I was wondering if someone could shed some light on whether anything is worth enchanting. I believe the only pieces I have not enchanted so far are the chest, belt, pants and boots. Should I maybe just try to roll higher numbers of damage-boosting stats?
Bump, please.

Current ideas:

On Raekor's, enchant Weapon Throw --> Vit? Or maybe go for another skill modifier?

Chest, go for higher rolls of Str or Vit?

Belt, higher rolls of same?
As I said on the Rate the barb:

Go for crit on the Andi's
Go for a better amu with str/chd/cc/ele%. Yours is somewhat lacking in offense
Dat WPN Throw on Raekors... :/
Lut Socks and no Leap?
With the barbarian's 30% damage reduction, is there a sweet spot where we can have our AR or toughness? Or, should we stack them? For what it's worth, I run T3 or T4 most of the time.

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