4v4 Bounties based PvP

As much as I enjoy playing RoS, I'm at heart a pvp player and with all the amazing gameplay mechanics in the game I think it's a real shame that there's no real pvp. Simple deathmatch isn't a good idea for D3 and I'm actually glad the devs declined in simply implementing that; it would've been a massive cop out. I think however, looking at the strengths in the public matching system, based on difficulty, and also looking at the gameplay that I think is the draw of end game - we could come up with a potential pvp mode.

Basically, the match will be 4v4 - matched based on difficulty - and it will be based on the bounties. Like the current system, it'll have five bounties in an Act that will be chosen at random. The idea is to get through the bounties more quickly than the other team. There will be checkpoints in each bounty map - as you reach them you can receive certain buffs for your team. The first team to reach certain checkpoints will also buff the monsters on the enemy team - giving an incremental advantage in the time fight. Whichever team that finishes the bounty first will win the point and end the first match - the second bounty will start immediately then. After the fifth bounty, both the winning team and losing team will receive a cache that's based on the score.

Of course there are finer points to be worked out, but I just wanted to throw the framework out there and see what people think.
Not trying to piss in your corn flakes, but what you are suggesting isn't PvP. No player interaction.
You're onto something, I personally like this idea however I'd change a few mechanics.

- No checkpoints
- Players will run into each other (this is where PvP happens) kill the other team to achieve the bounty

Another idea would be capture the flag type arena. Two teams from the opposite sides run to the center, grab the flag and bring it back to its starting side. Simple and quick PvP action.
04/16/2014 06:44 AMPosted by Aruca
Two teams from the opposite sides run to the center, grab the flag and bring it back to its starting side.

Danetta's set DH cannot be stopped in a capture the flag mode lol. They can vault infinitely, moving faster than anyone else, as well as enjoy near-invincibility during the vault animation frames.

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