Rate the Monk above You - Revision RoS V

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What can say Arkan, the RNG gods have been smiling down upon you! Fantastic Monk mate. Literally nothing to suggest!
@Arkan good monk all you need really is boots and a ring of grandeur to help you with ur set bonuses.. nice job stacking lightning resistance. Definitely could use the eight-demon boots to go with your set when u get a ring of grandeur to get that extra %15 lightning damage.

Res and Primary elemental damage vary quite a bit but with a DPS like that do you even care to try to fix it? Nice job!
@Kooma you reviewed my wrong monk^^

@m4CK3R you should try to re-craft your weapons and hope for better dmg rolls + ele dmg on helm+amu + more crit hit chance&dmg on items
I was skipped :P Looking for some advice!

Upgrade those jewels man!
Nice monk though.

8/10 nice gear

although is tyreals might a good chest? maybe an upgrade could do? nice weps btw

And not really... It's just the best chest I have at the moment. It's on the list to upgrade.

10/10 for having matching gear.
I agree! 10/10!

You have a lot of work to do (as do I). You need an amulet with some crit dmg and crit chance on it. Bracers are find but re roll and get crit chance.
Also you need completely new gloves because honestly they aren't doing anything for you. Get some gloves with crit chance and crit dmg for starters.
Also your ring of royal grandeur needs crit dmg and crit chance. Try re rolling to make it better!
Will do!
Just lacking the funds and the materials to do so.
Thanks for the advice.

Are you going for some kind of super-defensive build? That's the only justification I could think of for putting diamonds in your gear and enchanting INTO all resist for both your amulet and your ring or for your gloves having no offensive stats outside of dex. But if you were really doing an all-out defense build, you wouldn't be dual wielding or using Mantra of Conviction.

By the way, the Unity passive doesn't work with Mantra of Conviction. MoC debuffs mobs instead of buffing allies.

Also, lightning skill damage on your ring, but no lightning skills on your bar? I'm thinking you're lacking gold on enchanting your jewelry. That 900k per enchant when you don't have imperials gets pretty expensive.
Thanks Coy.
I'm noting all of this advice so I can reroll and change it up again when I get gold and/or gear.

I just changed an attempted lightning build to the holy build. So it's really a work in progress.

I'm usually rolling in a group and will be the one to attract the enemies while they blast them hence all the resist. I will most definitely change it up a bit now.
How about my build?

Kick !@#.
The end.
Could anybody review my monk 'Dhedin', he is on the europe server. I tried it here already 2 times ;)

According to Coy^^ Unity doesn't work with MoC so you might want to change that up.

I guess the same would go for you. (see above re: Unity with MoC)
Your build is pretty sweet though.

Looking good on dps. I like the helm, the 3 set bonus with the ring, and I'll take your SoH PLEASE!!

I would just assume you need some more life and resist (or some sort of toughness) to get you into the higher torments. Just my two-cents. Looks good though :)

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