Frostburn from Kadala

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Did anyone actually get one? Seriously >.< please give me some hope...
I have heard few people gambled them from Kadala, but it is very rare. Still it is possible.
3600 shards later, I gave up.
Dammmmnn shagilicious. 36 hundo?
Billion Magefists.
Billion Firewalkers.

That's what I got in search for Frostburns and Ice Climbers.

I am also looking for Ice Climbers, buts so far millions Boj Anglers and Blackthorne Spurs.

I know the pain ;)
Took me about 1000 shards to get mine. So yes it is possible. Unfortunately they were just meh when they did roll. FML
I got frostburns from her in my very first set of gloves. Then I proceeded to salvage it because it sucked.
I got one pretty quick which I'm using now. ~1000 shards or so. Also got a Magefists in between that were pretty crappy.
I'm also looking for a pair...

So far, approximately 1500-2000 shards and the results are!

8x Magefist
10x St. Arch
0x Frostburns

I'll keep trying.. That's the point of the game, trying to get those loots you want!
I got one after about 500 shards... Got a mirrorball 500 shards after that. I guess I got quite lucky :p Didn't get 1 unique boots in 1000 shards though...

Just saying it is possible.
I'm in Shaggy's boat. Probably ~3000 shards in. I've gotten a Gage, Theo, and Gladiator from her, but no Frostburns.
I got mine from her, low roll but I got them.
I'll keep using mine at level 60, I seriously doubt that I will find a better one at level 70. Maybe next year...
I'm in a similar situation to the OP. Kadala LOVES giving me St. Archew's...she gave me two within a 100 shard spread...
It was my third glove from Kadala when i got mine But it sucks. o far dumped about 4k shards into her to get a better one, no result.
I've been fortunate enough to get Ice Climbers from the old hag but no Frostburn's or decent rolled Magefist either.
I think I am at 4 total, I am still trying to get tasker and theo for my wd ...
Got my Frostburn form Kadala just before 5 minutes :)
Kinda crap , 12% cold , 2380lps 1842 lph 705 int 34% freeze
I've spent about 6000 shards on gloves so far trying to get a good roll of magefists, but so far only 1 magefist popped and no frostburns at all, so the drop rate must be quite low.

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