Bounties should give more fragments on torment

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I really hate grinding bounties. I don't know why but I just hate them. But I love running rifts. I sometimes do bounties on torment 1 just to try to get a set item while running them but I don't see the point. I just do them for the fragments, seeing as I haven't gotten a legendary out of the bag in 50 bags or so.

Higher difficulties should give more fragments, maybe similar to bloodstones where doing them on expert gives you double.
Grinding bounties on normal is pretty mind numbing. I have farmed about 40-50 in the last two days on Act 1 alone. I finally had to stop before I fell asleep 1 handing my game the whole time. With my Firewalker boots, I literally don't even have to cast anything other than spirit walk to win in Normal.

Very boring.
I like this idea. Higher difficulties net more fragments. :) +1
I support this idea.. i definitely need more incentives to farm for the damn keys
Higher difficulty on bounties needs more keys, more shards, and probably more legs.

Something needs to justify the whole idea of doing it in higher difficulties.
If Blizzard upped the drop rates of adventure mode to coincide with that of rifts I wouldn't care as much, but since rifts have a significantly higher drop rate than everything else, having to run around trying to find the circle ping to complete bounties to even get into a significantly higher drop area is obnoxious.

I only bounty to rift and when 5 bounties + cache equates to only 1 rift, uggggggggggggh, Blizz......

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