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Hi guys!

I've tried out most of the classes (only crusader left) and I want a bit of change of pace. Played wiz + DH to lvl 30-35 and most of the others to 15-20+ and since I always play ranged classes (or healers in MMOs) I figured it would be nice to have a change of view, so to speak ^^

So thats why I figured I'll try my hand with one of the melee classes.
Barb, monk and crusader fits the bill, but I have a hard time to chose out of the 3x. Played only 2x out of these, only on the early levels. Since I like to dedicate myself I would be curious about the pros and cons about these classes in late-game and the overall play style.
I did search a lot about this question but sadly, most of the relevant topics are about 1-2+ year old X) And frankly, with the class overhauls on a lot of skills with RoS, I'd not rely on outdated info :D

So! With that out of the way, lets get to my quesion ^^
I'd like to know from more experienced players, how the classes handle/feel. Like overall playstyle, the feel of the class, what it can do and what it can't. Things like that.
I usually like playing the more complex/versatile classes or at least have the proper tools to handle situations. Survivability is more important for me then raw dmg. I absolutely dont mind using a shield on barb if it can be built that way (however would look funny on monk xD).
Ah yea... forgot to mention that I usually avoid the cheesy Whirlwind-like builds. While the "Hulk, SMASH" kind of feel is in the barb, I do think that there is more to the class then just mindless WW spin-to-win x) Each of the 3x melee classes has an appeal to me for different reasons, hence why I have a hard time to chose ^^;
Note that I usually play solo :)

Anyways! :D
I'd love to hear you guys opinions!
I did played barb and monk a bit in the early levels, but I do want to know what to expect later before I sink 100+ hours to find out I dont like it :)
Thanks a lot for the help in advance ^^

Cheers ^^
edit: opps, misread your post. I too am wondering how a monk compares to a barbarian. I kept the rest of my post in case anyone finds it useful.

HI, I know that you are looking for more experienced players to comment but I want to comment about low-level barbarians.

They do remind me of Hulk because they smash things a lot. I wonder if the play style will change after I beat the skeleton king. She can jump into battle and do area attacks. Her armor and health is pretty decent at level 9. My demon hunter gets beat up. Guess I'm not used to playing a hunter that does not have a pet. lol

One thing I like about the barbarian is that I can have her dual-wield, use a one-handed weapon and a shield, or use a two-handed weapon. My barbarian used to get beat up frequently until I found some yellow armor.

Wish I could help you more with the barbarian.. maybe later I will have more opinions after she gains some more levels.
The thing with this game is that even if you play with melee you sometimes need to kite to dont get pummled by the hard-hitting things/abilities ^^
Demon hunter is a constant kite-game. I use a lot crowd control with him :) served me well 'til lvl 35 (got bored xD)! The Caltrops is a nice on-demand snare, also you have a primary attack (Entangling shot with Chain Gang rune) can slow 4x guys at once, while generating hatered :D
Killing is/was a LOT faster with DH and Wiz... to the level it gets boring. Anything that showed its ugly face on the screen got killed in 2-3s/instant ^^;

For survival try to fiddle around with some skills like:
Caltrops, Smoke Screen (get out of jail free card really :3) or Vault. And I've mentioned Entangling shot :) You get most of these quite early.
At lvl 17 you get the Spike Trap. Seriously, I had a huge grin when I started using it with the frst rune. It explodes 3x times and can clear our groups quite easily. Or melee if you set it up in advance :P
But the main thing with DH is kite-kite-kite :) Once you get used to it its just silly how easy it is to down some mobs ^^

Hope this helped :D
If you want the anti ranged class of classes, Monk is waiting. They live for melee. In fact, they only have melee (or very near) attacks! Every other class has some viable ranged build too. I personally am having fun with a ranged axe ricochet barbarian =)
Hehhe yea, monk is kind of got the short end of the stick in that regard x)

Although, after looking though the skills and whatnot, monk skills are interesting in depth and allow a few costumisation options :) But I feel it a bit off to rely on a dodge + heal spam mechanic to save my hide ^^; was never fond of the melee dodge-tanking mechanic in games (like SW:TOR's Assassins/Shadow).
And I feel monks miss out on the AoE department a bit, since they have only short range PBAoE or small AoE with them being in the center of it.
Though Monk feels a lot more party oriented (even dependant to some degree) with those ton of buffs/debuffs then Barb thats for sure =)

But for now, I'd be more curious which of these classes have a good fun-factor :) That would let me enjoy it for a longer time ^^ I know, I know... its all personal preference. But I think I'll get a bit insight of how these play if I could hear what you guys experienced :) In the end I'll make my choice on my own ofc, but it would be nice to hear about you guys feelings of the classes :D
It kind of depends dude but I always enjoy monk best as the melee class and It's because of the way you can use dashing strike to move fast around the battlefield. You can pull in hosts of demons with cyclone strike so they can't get away. Heck seven sided strike used to suck but when they changed the fulminating onslaught rune to give you 7 explosions at 980% each it is even a nice viable way to wipe out elites. You can use Wave of Light exploding Light for great AOE. The survival skills of serenity and dashing strike are next to none as well. Monk gets huge props from me.

Crusader=kind of boring with it's generaters and spenders but it's burst damage skills are cool
Barb=if you really like to pound things a lot. I actually liked barb a lot but it was back when I could spam hammer of the ancients and rend and still maintain fury because of the high crit chance and fury back on crits from battle rage into the fray. Now that has been nerfed so I am stuck doing some strange things like trying to use volcanos and avalanches like I am some kind of wiz or something lol. But really they have some cool stuff too
I love playing the Monk. I have had an interest in the Monk way before error 37. I even participated in that hype fest this site hosted before the game out. The one where we had to post pics of ourselves representing our class. I got unique flag design from that, it's a symbol of the monk. I'm very proud of it haha. Its no wings from vanilla D3s collectors edition, but it is rare and impossible to have unless you participated. I love the way I have my spells set up, or moves..whatever is the right term. When I run into a large dense group of enemy my pants perk causing fart clouds. The boots I have deal fire damage where I stand. So the enemy gets torched and poisoned. I find a weak spot in the crowd and hit a few with exploding palm. I use cyclone strike to then pull in up to 16 enemy's in 24 yards, fire ruin, because the stink clouds my pants spawn causes the enemy to flee. A Right after cyclone strike I pop Breath of heaven for a bang of damage. Killing those I infected with Exploding palm casing a chain reaction of inferno to all that are near those who get killed it the blasts. All that in seconds. Its a beautiful truly is. One enemy dieing after another causing all around it to die and do the same. Even if a player is stronger than me and starts eating away at the mass that I'm attacking, no matter what his damage is going to start a chain reaction of destruction that I caused.
First off I just want to say this - even though you felt "bored" of the other classes when you reached level 30-35 it could still mean you could have a lot of fun with it once you reach level 70. This is because a lot of the fun starts end-game, a lot of the build diversity, interesting runes / passives, legendary items etc will appear only at 70. If you gave up on a character this early, then you might miss "the class that was meant for you" if you know what I mean :)

Just in case, go look at some guides on some classes you already played. Watch them talk about some skills / items, and then do some gameplay, you may find it completely different than what you played.

For example I used to hate barbarians when I was leveling it, dropped it at 44, then played monk for a long time, afterwards had a friend boost me to 60 and it became my favourite class and I playe d nothing but it before the expansion. Now I'm maining a crusader and i'd say the barb and crus are the most fun, although monk is pretty decent as well especially if you like a fast-moving class.

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