Legendary Rings/Ammys Rerolling

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I think it'd be amazing if you guys over at Blizzard removed the required "Flawless Imperial" gem needed to reroll Legendary rings and ammys. or maybe make it just marquise... because it's getting tedious having to make flawless imperials to just reroll my leg rings and ammys. just a thought
i think a better solution woudl be to GIVE you 1 random imperial gem for salvaging jewelry.
since crafting them uses nothing but imperial gems. 1 of each for ammys (5) and 2 diamonds for rings....

seems only fair :)
This has been asked before. They really need to take the gem requirement out of the enchantment. I don't even bother rerolling. A non-perfect ring or amulet gets turned into a forgotten soul or tossed to a mule to hold onto till the enchantment reqs change.
Okay here is the deal.

You know why ?
Blizzard wants to get rid of old golds at the first place.
Thats why its expensive for new players.

After few months, price for crafting gems will be reduced.
Untill this day, Blizzard will ''suck'' all your gold.

Who cares about new players or hardcore no life grinders when casual people crying arround ?

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