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Demon Hunter
Back when Diablo 3 first set sail I started as a wiz. Since than I've played all classes and have found myself mainly playing demon hunter.

I love my dh and have zero issues on torment 1 2 and 3 but lately I've been dissapointedwith the lack of option. Don't get me wrong there are lots of skills to chose from and so much gear but at the end of the day if you want to do massive damage your stuck on a variation of a CA build fire build to be specific.

I find it hard to believe there are zero big damage skills available to the dh that don't utilize cold or any of the other elemental affix available to play with..

I'm not complaining so please don't get me wrong. My dh is better off than many I know but please can we find a different big money ey ticket with the dh that doesn't require a cindercoat make fist prides fall set up..

What are your builds? What have you done differently to put out the fire
Nothing is comparable to the CA LfB spam that is popular atm, but I do a single target cold build utilizing Rapid Fire for my single target and Elemental arrow for AoE. I was lucky enough to get a Kridershot recently and it makes the build really smooth for me, but if you don't have one, just use Evasive Fire/cold rune and swap out Ele arrow and rapid fire depending on the situation you are about to be in.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Rolia-1430/hero/44642490 Is my build. Atm I have the speed boost when vaulting rune and the MfD rune that spreads it around for aoe, but if im doing single target stuff I switch out the passive for Single Out to fully enhance my single target dps, and then obviously use the hatred p/h mfd rune for single target. If just aoeing or doing speed clear runs (like normal bounties ive been doing for my rrog), just use the speed boost passive and use the current MfD rune for extra aoe power when spaming Ele arrow.

That's my build anyway. The purpose of it isn't to rival the damage of the popular CA build, but its extremely fun and it does well enough for me for now!

Edit: I completely forgot to switch out the vengeance rune last night i was playtesting with, I actually use Seeth instead of the poison one, I was just messing around with abilities last night and forgot to change that one back.
Well right now I'm rocking a ballistics build with MS with arsenal. I can T3 solo and play party T1 and T2. Obviously I'm am not seriously competing against CA loaded. I am doing about 5-6mil crits with MS. About 1-1.5mil with hungering and those rockets hit for 3mil. On T3 I have to stick Vengence on for elites.

MS just gives you that nostalgic feeling. It is a nice spammer at half the cost of CA and it clears whole rooms and objects. I have nice dps, but It could be better. Ideally I would like a cinder, and get a quiver with +%MS and +%fire damage on my ammy. You would probably be hitting 7-8mil+ rocket crits which would be nice.
I'm a physical damage Demon Hunter. Even have a lot of the pieces for fire, but my current build does nicely. Still looking for the Marauder boots.

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