just hit 60 on ps3.. what now?

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Im new to d3 and hit 60 2 days ago, just wondering where to start farming im currently at the end of act 2 on mp1 should I just continue through all the difficulties or try farming a certain spot also what are these keywardens? Thanks for any suggestions!
Finish out inferno, gear up and farm wardens. Level your paragon for Ultimate Evil Edition.
Yes, you have a 100 more levels to work through, not a fast thing to do either. Keys and better gear will keep you busy for a long time.
Congrats on hitting 60! I'd say the next thing to do is finish Inferno difficulty, and then work on whatever sounds fun. You can hunt keywardens for Infernal Machines (which can lead to a nice Hellfire ring), or just work on finding items and earning Paragon levels.

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