Upcoming Hotfix - Shard of Hate (4/15)

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What's the point in even playing this game.

Nerf cindercoat next.
Thank god I never found one.

But I bet I will found one 10 minutes after the hotfix... huehuehue
We finally get a Legendary that feels legendary and you nerf it....

Looks like some torments will be getting bumped down
Another one bites the dust.........

Next up!!!!!
04/15/2014 04:51 PMPosted by DAOWAce
Cannot wait for this.

SoH on a WW barb is beyond out of control.

How people are excited Blizzard likes to make items crappier is beyond me. Next thing we'll be seeing how Tyrael's Might was bugged and incorrectly rolled Movement Speed up to 12% but that was never intended, it should have only been eligible for a maximum of 7%. This of course, being due to popular consensus.
04/15/2014 04:49 PMPosted by Jihl
You have nerf the only item that make monk playable in t3+.
Hotfix the monk class now.


Not nerfed. If players are too dumb to realize that the item was broken - that's entirely their problem.
LOL, the 1 item that was actually worth looking for.

Time to add that to the pile of useless legendaries which is 99% of them.

Everything will eventually be orange rares with slightly higher stats.
Please nerf my Tal Rasha.
Electrocute wasn't OP, it was actually bugged as a resource gen for Wizards which is why so many of them ran it. (Technically, Electrocute and Magic Missle should've generated the same amount of AP per shot, but Electrocute was generating twice as much AP). I have a SoH on my Wizard and I see this as something that was needed. Will I miss the OP ability of having lightning bolts fire forth every skill cast? Probably, but I'm content with this thing being brought down to a balanced point where 2 classes can't abuse the living crap out of it.
04/15/2014 04:41 PMPosted by Nevalistis
As with other recent hotfixes, we’ve got one coming up shortly that we wanted to give the community a heads up about, this time regarding the legendary [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/shard-of-hate"]Shard of Hate[/url]. We’ve been closely observing our internal reports as well as player feedback on the Shard of Hate and the general consensus is that this item feels wildly out of line compared to other items. After digging in behind the scenes, we discovered a couple of bugs with this item that we believe is the ultimate culprit.

First, the internal cooldown of this item’s power was being reset each time a dual-wielding character attacked with a weapon in their other hand. This meant the effect was occurring twice as often for dual-wielding characters, and with particular skills such as [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/barbarian/active/whirlwind"]Whirlwind [/url]or [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/monk/active/tempest-rush"]Tempest Rush[/url] that also carry attack speed multipliers, this effect was even more frequent.

Secondly, the proc rate of the item was ignoring the proc scalar of the skill it was used with, which in simple terms caused Shard of Hate’s affix to apply every time a skill was used. Combined with the above issue, this resulted in this Legendary vastly over performing, and even more so with particular builds.

The hotfixes we’re applying correct both of these unintended behaviors and have been added to our [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12427063132"]2.0.4 Hotfixes thread[/url]. As with all major changes, we hope to provide insight as to why we felt these changes were necessary as well as give context to the decisions we ultimately make.




You finally make a legendary item feel legendary then you proceed to nerf it because it's the bis weapon for a specific class?

How can you have crazy legs like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/starmetal-kukri

and that's 100% legit but a Barbarian gets a weapon that's good with whirlwind and it must be changed.......



you have got to be kidding me. because the weapon is good and fun it MUST be nerfed. what next cindercoat? ring of royal grandeur? every item? all nerfd to main stat vit res and socket. COME ON, i dont even have 1 and this is stupid/
Bad move. Even though it was a bug, items like these keep people farming. They want items that push their character to the next level, not just boring 10 mainstat upgrades.
Make em more rare, but items like this should be in the game and they should be this powerful.

Should just 2 classes or even only some speccs of those classes benefit from it? No. So the better solution would have been to make every class have access to an item this powerful.
Awwww, that sucks.
Might as well nerf thunder fury as well, just get all the cool items out of the game in one swoop.
Its cool. Barbs did not need an iconic weapon to strive for.

While your at it go nerf starmetal and kindlershot.

Found a sweet mojo on my wd with a good roll on dmg. Then you bugged it and it is the same as a rare now.

Found a SoH on barb. Nerf.

Is there any point to look for a good build setup? Or should I just stick with something suboptimal so I will not have any fear of my fun being crushed.
04/15/2014 04:51 PMPosted by Crim
I'm normally all for bug fixes.

However this time, I'm not so sure it's the right call. Shard of Hate was THE legendary for RoS. It was fan-made, rare, and powerful. It had a long event where the community built it from scratch.

It gave players something crazy to aim for. It felt mythic.

I still haven't found one, and I've played a LOT since RoS released. I regret not being able to use it while it was truly an epic item.

Something like Shard of Hate, the poster item for RoS, -should- be overpowered. If it was unintentionally overpowered, then that just adds to the item's mystique.
The problem with everything you said is that you don't "aim" for the SoH. You randomly get it. It's not an accomplishment as much as winning the lottery is. No one will think better of you for getting it. Now, if it ONLY dropped off of a super boss enemy, then that would be something to "aim for".

It's bugged. I hope people can get over this pretty quick.
04/15/2014 04:46 PMPosted by Nessebr
They ARE NOT nerfing SoH. Did ANYONE actually read the post? They are fixing bugs that cause it to become unintentionally powerful.

are you blind?!!? this is a huge nerf. they are nerfing every thing and calling it a 'bug fix' get your head out of the sand

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