Upcoming Hotfix - Shard of Hate (4/15)

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You know I wouldn't mind this nerf if blizzard would fix the obvious bugs first that matter a lot more then a couple of so-called overpowered gimmicks being nerfed. How about we deal with elemental damage on weapons not working with the ED affix? Or how about we figure out what is wrong with the drop system where you can go 5 hours and get 1 legendary and the next day log on and get 40 in the same 5 hours doing the same exact thing.

I do not have a shard of hate and I see it as other legendary items were underpowered instead of one extremely rare drop being overpowered. How about we fix the totally useless sets like firebyrds for the wizard or shadowcrap for the dh? How about we give crusader his 2 other sets? How about we put something on these 100s of legendary items that are basically a yellow with a higher main stat?
Upcoming Hotfix -- WW Barbs once again having fun being relevant, we discussed buffing other procs / legendaries so other classes had an awesome item to lust after, but in the end -- after much consultation with a certain former game developer -- we've decided to nerf it into obscurity. Those seeking to do a rift beyond T1 in less than 15 minutes advised to roll Wizard / DH per usual, or GTFO.

Dear Blizzard, I love you, but you need to learn a loot-based crawler needs OP items for players to dreamily lust after for rift after rift after rift. Otherwise once they hit the already much maligned gear softwall, they feel even less motivation to keep grinding.

Seeing the fun of SoH WW specs is what made me want to play a Barb again. The damage was already not really cutting it for T6, and after this WW becomes entirely non-viable in anything resembling challenging content.

GG. Thought this dev team had learned from the mistakes of past directions.
but...account bound. no ladder, no ranking system. why does it MATTER ANYMORE if something is broken and over powered??

the only reason it mattered before was because nerds could exploit it all day long to get a crap ton of items and sell them on the RMAH...well the RMAH is gone and everything is account bound now, so who CARES if things aren't balanced?

edit: and before anyone says it, i don't own a shard of hate.
Meh :(

The game goal for me was to find a shard of hate, but depending on how it'll be now I might lose a bit interest.

Felt like shard of hate really made lightning barb way more viable.
People who are happy with this change: unlucky people who are miffed that someone had a shinier toy than them

There is seriously so reason to fix this "bug" just like there is no reason to remove exp from white mobs. You need to communicate to the Devs to make things better, not worse.
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They ARE NOT nerfing SoH. Did ANYONE actually read the post? They are fixing bugs that cause it to become unintentionally powerful.

are you blind?!!? this is a huge nerf. they are nerfing every thing and calling it a 'bug fix' get your head out of the sand

it is bugged. Everyone knew about it. It was not working as intended. Thank god it's finally getting fixed so that it's inline with the other top legendaries like Thunderfury
04/15/2014 04:58 PMPosted by Kougeru
It's bugged. I hope people can get over this pretty quick.

They're going to whine, complain, post "I quit", plead, threaten, be in denial.... but it will eventually die down, like all other bug fixes.

The immaturity level on these forums is... simply unbelievable.
The fact that blizzard lets the vocal minority dictate what happens in this game is depressing. I don't use shard of hate for the proc, I use it simply because I can't find a high damage azurwrath. Regardless, I'm convinced the majority that complains about every single thing won't be happy until all classes look the same, have the same skills and everyone shows up once a week to get your ration of loot because that is what is "fair".

Also, don't pretend that it was your idea blizzard, its far too convenient that you just happen to "fix" everything after a week of forum flooding by 100 people out of the entire player base.
I was really depressed right now. I never found a SoH but now I am pretty happy. Thanks Blizzard for fixing the most OP item in the game so that I can laugh at all who had fun in the game. Now we all have no fun which is a good thing.

Equality for everyone.
That's called game balance.

I can understand the fix because it is so strong, but I hope it isn't adjusted to be the exact proc coefficient of the skill used.

Frozen orb only has a 6.7% proc coefficient, it would be arguably better to use just magic missile with glacial spike instead or simply another weapon.
quick to nerf things yet still waiting on elemental dmg fix..

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