Upcoming Hotfix - Shard of Hate (4/15)

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One step forward two steps back, POS weapon now.
You gotta remember Blizzards methodology here, as with every thing else they deem "op":

It gos as follows- Bobby Kotick and Jay Wilson just cant get their grubby hands on the items, so they nerf the crap out of it until its useless.
"Secondly, the proc rate of the item was ignoring the proc scalar of the skill it was used with, which in simple terms caused Shard of Hate’s affix to apply every time a skill was used. Combined with the above issue, this resulted in this Legendary vastly over performing, and even more so with particular builds."

without the auction house, we spent hundred hours to farm the leg to get the correct build so that we can have fun in diablo and now you try to neft it. Please think twice, please don't take all these fun from us, is not easy to get full set of gear we want and each leg drop is not a guaranty is the legendary we want. WE WORK HARD FOR IT!!!!
Hey blizz how about you give me a reroll on the enchanter for all this lightning gear I cant reroll......
Apparently the hotfix is live already.
Some streamers on twitch tested and confirmed.

04/16/2014 07:33 PMPosted by Idealism
I feel like whatever I switch to now will just get 'bug' fixed later once I invest a few weeks into the gear.
what about the Gloves of Worship?

Do they still have a bug that can allow an hour long buff?
All i Hear is Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q u gotta be kidding me . All these Retard Barbs Stacking Lightning % with Toughness Use Shard of Hate and Steam roll Torment 6 Like its Paper . While other Classes have to do some work for that !@#$.
After the fix the SoH is very underwhelming when used with WW. It seems to proc well for main attacks like Frenzy/Cleave, but no one likes to just stand still all the time=P. Either way, I was lucky enough to find an Odyn's Son so I can still keep up with the damage of my friends while farming. I don't disagree with fixing bugs, but just as others have said the SoH FELT LEGENDARY. When it dropped I literally yelled in TS and even my friends freaked out. The SoH didn't allow me to get to T5 or 6, but it did let me be more effieceint in T2 and 3. I could do T4, but still died some, it was not an instant key to T6.

I really wish Bliz would learn to use a small hammer when correcting things in general instead of a nuclear bomb. They always seem to swing the pendulum from one extreme to the other with little regard for any type of granularity. When it comes down to it in the end this is a single player game with all the BOA, why can't legendaries all be buffed to make our characters feel like the powerful beings they are? /shrug
04/16/2014 06:40 PMPosted by Practical
04/16/2014 06:21 PMPosted by cookieftw
but I can barely kill a goblin in t3, thats a joke.

No, that's called hyperbole and that's the joke here.

Look - while hotfixes can result in nerfs, this wasn't done because they exactly said "HEY DIS IS 2 GOOD."

The weapon wasn't working how it should have to begin with, and so they fixed it. This doesn't cripple your build, this doesn't mean you're going to suck without it. You can still use it, it's just not going to be broken.

Why do you assume this?

Tempest Rush is awful. It costs a lot of spirit and does pitiful damage. With SoH it had a use. Yes it was a build because TR used Cold damage so required Cold damage gear.

I play a 'melee' demon hunter with shield and SoH was almost offsetting the damage loss of not having a bow.

So that's 2 builds that are longer viable. Who knows what else people were playing.
04/16/2014 07:58 PMPosted by Rendar
This change ruined that fun, and I know many will consider it silly or immature, but I'm uninstalling this game. I'm done with it. Not that Blizzard will care, I only play d3 these days which isn't even a sub game...so just another player gone and no less money.

Take er' easy.

Thunderfury and Odyn Son are still extremely powerful, if you haven't uninstalled already.
Wow that puts all my AS/Lightning gear on my barb to waste. Thanks for ruining another fun item blizzard O_O
Why is it still being called Shard of Hate? It's now a Forgotten Soul no?
Confirming the nerf -- this was hotfixed this evening, while I was playing no less.

So long Tier 5, this is knocking me back to Tier 4 at best.
yup, mine will be a forgotten soul as soon as I find a higher dps wep, like a fool I have been salvaging the ones I found.
Time for some buff barb and 2h weapon threads
From 100% chance to proc to 1%?

Nice, really nice.... i think that the yellow that just dropped for me it's better than this piece of...
lol, pretty much. its like any other weapon now, time to take a break from D3

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