Btw, Ring of Royal Grandeur is extremely OP...

Items and Crafting
I dont see how the ring is OP. in order to fully profit from its multi-set capability, you need to either farm set items (which are rare as **** holy ****) or farm mats and forgotten souls (here read 90% of legendaries) to craft set pieces, which often roll inadequate stats, and so forth.

Personally, rocking 3 times 3set bonuses with RoRG right now, just started making a 4th set, and its amazing to have all those bonuses, but it cost me hours and hours of mat farming and millions and millions of gold crafting and enchanting.

Its not an OP ring. Its a powerful end-game item that makes it worth your while. Without RoRG, id still be rocking random rares that rolled the right stats for me instead of working hard to get nice set items.

Nothing to nerf here.
^ Indeed.

Now, b!tches, continue crying.
Funny how people are saying ' this ring is the only reason why people even run bounties ... '

In case you guys forgot, you HAVE to run bounties to obtain the fragments to OPEN RIFTS. Derp.

Yes this ring is awesome. I'll never trade it for a different ring. Never ever never.
It is also OP because it can roll trifecta. Its not uncommon to get trifecta rolls either and very common to get two of the main stats.

The ring should at most only roll one of the main stats. There should be a trade off.

I don't often complain about something being OP but this ring is a bit silly.
Above post is beyond fubar. Oh, and big surprise, no RorG on any of his heroes' fingers.

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