Aughilds Worth??

Demon Hunter
Hey guys i was just wondering if aughilds was wroth crafting on a DH. and if so what i shoudl replace.. Take a look at my gear if you need to. im at 1.3 mill dps.
For your setup, it wouldn't hurt to craft the chest piece until you find something better you like.

You're not getting any bonus from just one nat piece, so it won't hurt anything...and Aug usually rolls some nice mitigation stats.
augs is one of the best crafted sets imo. worth it as it synergizes well with nats and other core fire DH pieces like mf, cinder, soj, etc.
Check out my gear

At the moment Aughilds is working well for me and I have pretty good survivability at T4.

Will swap it out though when I get the marauders pieces I need
Ive been crafting them for my Crusader...what a train wreck that has been. I have one usable piece from over 6 crafts. So expensive....

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