Game Freezing When Entering/Leaving Riffs

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My game locks up on the loading screen when entering or leaving Nephalem Riffs. This happens an estimated 40% of the time. When it occurs, I must force quit the game and reopen it via the Blizzard launcher.

This started occurring with the most recent patch and never occurred before that time.
Same here. Have sent in crash reports and everything. I don't think they have a clue.
yeah happens to me too, when i enter or leave a rift my loarding freeze, not 40% of the time tho maybe like 5%
Same thing happens here. The really annoying part is spending the rift tokens and then not getting to get the full benefit.
I'm trying to consolidate all the reports of the client hanging when changing zones in this thread here:

Clearly it's a significant problem, but everyone seems to start a new thread so it's not getting the attention it deserves. :)
Happens 100% to my WD but the rest of the classes are fine.
Me too, when i am playing my WD in Nephalem Riffs and when i try to back to town and 100% it will freeze up

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