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04/24/2014 08:27 AMPosted by Nevalistis
There are some interesting (and entertaining) ideas in here! I'd definitely enjoy seeing more!

Not an item specifically, but more random spells on items from different classes for a short period of time. Maybe old D2 class spells on weapons or something. Poison nova bursts or 20% chance on hit to summon a mage skeleton or something for 5 seconds.

Wasn't there a ring or something in D2 that summons Diablo's hell fire lines or something? More stuff like that.
Qin's Final Sword

You no longer have the will play D3. Instead, you visit the local charity and help out the needed

In the first state, man and sword become one and each other.
Here, even a blade of grass can be used as a lethal weapon.
In the next stage, the sword resides not in the hand but in the heart.
Even without a weapon, the warrior can slay his enemy from a hundred paces.
But the ultimate ideal is when the sword disappears altogether.
The warrior embraces all around him.
The desire to kill no longer exists.
Only peace remains.

-king of qin-
Antsy Pants
  • While in combat, movement speed is locked at 0%.
  • While out of combat, movement speed increases +5% per second to a cap of +50% movement speed.
  • I would like any item where you get an extra skill slot and can roll any property you want as many times as you want for no gold cost, just materials.

    Don't like the Armor or the average damage roll on the item, or the secondary resistance? Change all 3!

    There's a catch, though: it'll cost you your 4th passive slot and 15% of your toughness.

    Call it The Devil's Bargain.
    Ring of the Treasure Hunter

    4 random properties
    30-50% gold find
    30-50% magic find

    Regular chests may spawn loot equal to radiant chest. (low chance)
    Fist of the Tyrannical Titan

    Legendary Gloves

    675 - 700 Primary
    1500 - 1600 Vit
    Armor 1000 (Fixed Affix)
    Res All 1000 (Fixed Affix)
    5 - 6 sockets

    * For every different gem socketed, you received 600 elemental damage of that type (Damaged received is based on Gem Tier, Max is 600)
    Ruby = Fire
    Diamond = Death
    Amethyst = Arcane
    Emerald = Poison
    Topaz = Lightning
    Blue ( I forget the name) = Cold

    * A completed glove (Max Tier gem in all sockets ) releases additional 1000 - 1500 Apocalypse damage.

    "Think infinity gauntlet"
    Amulet and 2 rings.

    3 Set: Attacks can no longer critical strike, but you deal 200% of normal damage with all attacks.

    Removing the need for CC and CHD and can focus on attack speed and defense instead.
    Necromancer's Bone
    Legendary Dagger

    +500-750 Intelligence
    +10% Poison Damage
    +3 random properties

    Chance to summon a skeletal mage when attacking
    that throws poison bolts at nearby enemies.
    No more than 4 skeletal mages may be active
    at a time. Skeletal mages last 60 seconds.
    04/24/2014 08:02 AMPosted by Atlantis
    The Mirror
    (Legendary Ring)

    Equip: This ring assumes the form of the ring on your other hand.

    Blizzard, hire this guy.

    Reaper's Soul
    Chest armor
    whatever 4-2
    Your attacks have a 1% chance of killing the enemy instantly
    The Burning Man's Breeches of Birch.

    Generic pants stats

    Unique effect: Dealing fire damage burns yourself as well as all nearby enemies for X% amount of the original damage dealt over 3 seconds. (this effect can stack)

    Taking fire damage increases your fire resistance by X amount. This takes X amount of resistances from other schools and pools it into fire resistance.

    The smell of burning flesh across the battlefield.
    His blackened husk lit aflame by his own accord.
    They say he is still burning to this day.
    Boots of the Coward

    *6 random properties*

    Chance on being hit to increase movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds.
    Weapon Set (Fist) - Ivgorod's Divine Harmony
    Weapon model: simple fist-wraps

    Ivgorod's Cadence
    2,000 - 2,300 Lightning damage
    +10-15% Lightning Damage
    +1 Socket
    +2 random properties
    -- Exploding Palm gains the Flesh is Weak rune

    Ivgorod's Conviction
    2,100 - 2,400 Lightning damage
    +1 Socket
    +3 Random properties
    Exploding Palm's Damage turns to Lightning

    Set bonus:
    (2): Enemies damaged by Exploding Palm's explosion are now affected by Exploding Palm. This effect can chain.

    "The monk was a fluid mass of restrained energy, meeting every attack with hardly a moment's distress. He fought with hands and feet in a way I had never seen before." --Writings of Abd al-Hazir, Entry 32.
    Bell Ringer of the Four Masters
    Legendary Diabo, 2H
    1.20 Attacks per Second
    2712-3098 Damage

    +1552-1877 Holy Damage
    +900-1200 Dexterity
    Holy Skills deal (30-45)% more damage
    Increases Spirit Regeneration by (4-7) per second
    Sockets (2)

    1 of 4 random properties:
    Critical Strike Chance, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Resource Cost Reduction

    Maximum Spirit (20-40)
    (Legendary) Wave of Light now gains the Empowered Wave and Blinding Light Rune
    (Legendary)When Wave of Light stuns more than 3 enemies, you have a chance to trigger Chant of the Four Masters, activating all 4 of your Mantras for 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every (4-6) seconds.
    "Off" Hand of Illusions
    Depending on the class, this object will appear as either Mighty Weapon, Claw, Mojo, Source, Quiver, or Shield.

    +crit chance

    +3 random attributes

    This item gives you access to +1 random ability or spell from any class
    Crown of the subjugator
    Legendary helm

    Equipping this crown summon a powerful demon that will fight for your side with its fire magic until it's slain. If the demon dies, the crown summon another demon every 2 minutes.
    However if the wearer of the crown is stunned, the demon will stop attacking and if the wearer of the crown is slain, the demon will immediately turn against its master's allies !
    Blacked Barbed Quiver (Quiver)

    +675-775 Dex
    +675-775 Vitality
    +18% Attack Speed
    8-10% Chance to Crit

    Hungering Arrows are now always under the affect of the Shatter Shot and Puncturing Arrow runes.
    The Shield of Non-Existence

    +0-0 No stat.
    +0-0 CC.

    This item has a 0% drop chance, have fun in Sanctuary!
    a bow which makes multi shot shoot hungering arrows instead of the normal arrows

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