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Lord Commander's Aventail

Legendary effect: Phalanx's width is increased by 50% (increases the number of Avatars summoned by Phalanx by 50%)

One of 3 Magic Properties
+3 Random Magic Properties
Empty Socket
Spirit Stone

700 - 800 Amor (varies)

400 - 550 Dexterity
8% - 10% Chance to cast Mantra of Healing - Boon of Inspiration when you are hit for 10 second. Can stack 2 times.
8% - 10% Chance to cast Breath of Heaven - Infused with Light when you hit an enemy.
10% - 20% Chance to gain the passive Fleed Footed when you dodge two attacks in a row for 15 seconds.
10% - 15% Life
30 - 50 to All Resistances
5% - 15% Cooldown Reduction
1 - 2 Sockets
SLeMMs WipeOut Amulet :

+0 to stats
( This amulet occasianally gains the "Conduit" effect )
I've always felt like the demon hunter has some real potential to be a possible close combat character which ties into her swift mobility, her ability to smoke screen in and out of battle, reposition herself in combat, and just be an awesome assassin. The legendary ninja set that can currently be found in game is a little shy of what I was hoping for. Also there are other legendaries that would synergize brilliantly with this build such as sash of knives and deathwatch mantle. Even though she is designed to be a ranged character it would be a fun build that I'm sure people would love to try. Since so many of her abilities can not be used because they require a bow I added some boost in damage to certain abilities to make up for it.

A CRAFTABLE demon Hunter melee assassin set:

The Assassin's Robes:
(2) +500 Dexterity
+20% Dodge Chance
+Cast Smoke Screen and fan of knives for 1200% weapon damage when health is 25% or less
(3) When ever Fan of Knives activates, enemies hit have a chance of triggering fan of knives again dealing damage based on the currently equipped rune for fan of knives.
(4) All knife and chakram based abilities have their damage increased by 50% and have an additonal 20% chance to critically hit.
(5) You now gain 30% critical hit chance, 30% attack speed, and 200% critical hit damage when attacking with an equipped dagger or sword.
(6) Smoke Screen now costs hatred instead of discipline

Legendary Set Quiver for the Assasin's Robes:
+ 15-20% attack speed
+ 8-10% critical hit chance
+ 20% increase damage for chakram or fan of knives
+ 3 random properties
+ Chakram gains the effect of the rune twin charms permanently. Additionally, activating impale has a 45-50% chance of throwing two knives instead of one.

Legendary Dagger to complement the set:
+15-20% Elemental Damage
+ 4 random properties
+ Leave a clone behind whenever you cast smoke screen. The Clone lasts 5 seconds and does 50% weapon damage. Upon vanishing the clone stuns enemies within 15 yards for 1.5 seconds. (Similar to Danetta's set bonus)

Another possible Legendary Dagger to complement the set:
+ 30-50% critical hit damage
+ 4 random properties
+ Whenever you strike an enemy with this dagger there is a 50-60% chance their bones will shatter with an explosion dealing 300-330% damage as physical to all enemies within 24 yards.

Let me know what you guys think of my LEGENDARY DH SET!
Fatal Attraction

+50% Magic Find
+100% Gold Find

Treasure Goblins are attracted to the wearer but take half damage from all sources and instead of escaping if not dealt with in time, Goblin explodes for 1000% of wearers max health in fire damage within 30 yards.
Drape of the Cold Stare
450-600 Dex
+15-20% Cold Skill Damage
+100-150 Cold resistance
+2 Random Magic Properties
Your Equipped Hatred Spender now also deals cold damage in addition to its other elemental damage.


Grips of Contagion
626-750 Main Stat
+15-20% Poison Skill Damage
+3 Random Magic Properties
Poison damage you deal applies a stack of 'Contagious Disease' to enemies. When Contagious Disease reaches 5 stacks, it deals 400% weapon damage as poison to all enemies within 15 yards and applies a stack of Contagious disease.


Zher's Magnetic Arrows
600-750 Dex
Increases Attack speed by 15-20%
+3 random magic properties
Your projectile attacks that pass over your spike traps cause additional damage equal to the dmg from spike trap. This does not consume charges of spike trap.


Bloody Bone Bow
+(981–1199)–(1175–1490) Damage
+4 Random Magic Properties.
Your Hatred generators now restore a percentage of your life equal to the hatred they generate instead of generating hatred. Your Hatred spenders now cost a percentage of your life equal to the hatred they cost instead of costing hatred, but deal 25-40% increased damage. While at full Life you deal 50% reduced damage.
6 random affixes
Salvaging legendary items occasionally drops a set item
(Maybe 5% chance?)

HORADRIC FRIES (bring back the hamburger)
off-hand shield
4 random affixes
8-10 percent crit chance
50-100 percent crit damage
Hit enemies occasionally drop random legendary crafting materials

6 random affixes
Gain double the amount of blood shards from all sources

6 random affixes
Gain 5% reduced damage from all elements (fire, cold, arcane, holy, poison, etc.)

No affixes
Gain maximum movement speed

6 random affixes
Wielding a 2-handed weapon grants 20% increased damage

When a party member dies, gain 10% increased damage for 300 seconds, can stack 5 times.

6 random affixes
Each piece of Blackthorne set worn grants 10% crit chance

THE NERF BAT (sword is shaped like the Blizzard logo)
1- handed weapon
6 random affixes
10% chance to turn enemies into sheep with no abilities for 15 seconds.
Legendary ring: The Cow Kings Nose Ring

+ main stat
+ 10-20% light elemental dmg
( random )
( random )

Legendary affix : stacks + 3-5% lightning elemental damage per each basic attack ( max 5 stacks )
Legendary of What Kadala Should Be

Any and All Gear Parts

Only this type of legendary can drop. Can only equip max of 2 at a time.

2 set bonus:
Decrease legendary drop timer by 25%. Increase legendary drop rate of Set Items by 15%.
Kadala dies.
Prismatic Vanguard

626-750 Dexterity / Strength / Intelligence
4-6% Critical Hit Chance
15-20% (Random) elemental damage

3 Random Attributes

Unique passive:
Your skills become the element of your weapon. Skills have a 5% damage penalty when the elementals are diifferent and 5% bonus when they are alike.
The Nether Region

Hungering Arrow fires nether tentacles.
PLEASE make more legendary items that buff summoning with the witch doctor. My previous build in D3 vanilla was reducing zombie dog summon time to around a 5s CD and spamming bears and sacrifice, summon repeat. This is the CLOSEST i could get to a summon build. Please bring back sacrifice to a reasonable level with legendary items or buff pets TREMENDOUSLY. Pets can only hit one target at a time, so are relatively useless not to mention their horribly low damage.
The Hoary Goat (Barbarian 1h)

2450-2650 dmg
750-875 str
750-775 vit
open socket

Legendary affix: required 500% chd, chd capped to 300%.
: Frenzy stacks to 8, and no longer dissipates.
: (rare) summons a goat that is slaughtered on the field of battle that releases a blast 350 to 400% weapon dmg as sound.

Have you ever heard what it sounds like when a goat cries?
Ironhide Cuirass

[Main Stat]
Armor +1000

+3 Random Affixes

Secondary: Gain 10% Damage Reduction
Storm Riders
400-700 def
main stat 800-1000
all resist 100
vit 900-1100
0-3 sockets

Due to the lightweight nature of these boots, You should not wear armor with them
Sprint is permanently active with run like the wind rune,
unable to wear chest armor while these are worn

"No need to dodge the storm when you become one"
Sliver of the Black Soulstone
Legendary Amulet

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+750–900 Dexterity
+750–900 Strength
+750–900 Intelligence

Cold skills deal 20–30% more damage.

+4 Random Magic Properties

Summons a Death Shroud for 10 seconds when you hit an enemy with Cold attacks. This effect deals 1000% weapon damage over its duration to enemies and you cannot die while standing within it. May occur once every 60 seconds.
Hermes Shoes

[Main Stat]
Atk Speed 5-7%

3 Random Affixes

Secondary: You move at +50% speed but take 20% more damage
Crafting material

Mira eamon's soul
Add 1 extra property to an item

Skeleton king' soul
Enchant weapon - chance to cast a random skeleton king spell
Defectors of the Order
(Crusader Shield)

8-20% chance on hit to activate your equipped Law + rune without triggering the cooldown.

30 seconds cooldown. Effect cannot stack.


Ivgorod’s Blessings


2500-3000 dps

Automatically cast Breath of Heaven when your health is below 25-35%.

30 seconds cooldown.


Fall from Grace
(Monk set)
Head, Shoulder, Chest, Gloves, Belt, Pants, Boots

2 pieces: +500 dexterity

3 pieces: -10% Critical Hit Chance; +200 Vitality

4 pieces: + 100 All resists,

5 pieces: -50% Critical Hit Damage; Increase Dodge chance by 10%

6 pieces: Chance on hit to release a wave of sparks that deal Holy damage that deals 350% damage in 20 yards.

7 pieces: Summon all elemental allies (except enduring ally). Activating the Mystic ally skill will trigger their respective runes. When you trigger #6, mystic allies also gain the #6 dealing 250% in 20 yards.
LOL all these items are ridic OP

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