Gyrfalcon/Jekangbord build question


I don't know if I am just blind as a bat or what, but I've been looking at peoples builds with these 2 items and notice they are stacking holy damage on head/ammy/wrist etc.

Everyone seems to use the Shattering Throw rune and all the usual 'press these buttons and kill everything instantly' skills. None of which use holy damage.

Is the stacking of holy solely for the purpose of the 1200ish holy damage on the weapon?

Is Shattering Throw actually holy damage and not just physical? Or does the holy damage on the Gyrfalcon turn Shattering Throw into holy damage?

If some awesome person could fill me in that would greatly be appreciated, I don't want to start rolling for holy damage not knowing why!

shattering throw is holy damage my good sir
Shattering Throw is holy dmg..
I see exactly where...

Too concentrated on 340% weapon damage whereas other runes say now does xxx% damage as fire/lightning

Says holy right up under the spell name on top of the description, how derp is that LOL
Quite derp if i do say so myself

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