Diablo Dubstep Song (The Reaper)

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Hey guys, for those of you who remember the song I made a while back (Final Boss), here is the sequel! Just like the first one, this one was inspired by Diablo 3. A lot of work went into it so I hope you all like it!

Refraktion - The Reaper

Don't even know what to say, this is just sick. Hope it gets featured!
!@#$ING SICK! AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! all other words that are also compliments! this defines Talent. Excellent Job Risen!
Great job as always!
Gratz on passive Paragon 500 as well!

Here is the previous Dubstep "Final Boss" for anyone who wants it!
It's a tad bit better than Final Boss, especially on the voiceovers that made the transitions from and to percussion changes.

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