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Hey everybody. This is just an idea I have been playing around with in my head for a few days and thought I'd post it on here to see what people thought. I was kind of thinking of potentially new items like the Shard of Hate, and this is what I came up with.


Meshif's Lucky Compass
Legendary Amulet


o One of three magic properties
o (+530–731) Dexterity
o (+530–731) Strength
o (+530–731) Intelligence

o Attack speed increased by (5.0%-7.0%)
o Increases damage against elites by (10%-15%)
o +2 Random magical properties


o Reveals the location of all the bounties in your region.


Well that's basically it. It's just a concept so it's rough, and everything else was basically there to give me a reason to talk about the secondary.

I was just thinking of an item like this so that when you found it, it would show you either on the map or mini-map where to go to find the bounty, just like how if you take too long finding it the arrow shows up telling you where to go, same concept but triggered by an item.

Then for the little lore tidbit at the bottom it could just be something like back in Meshif's pirate days he stole a magical compass from a rogue mage or something that guided the holder to their destination. I don't know it's just a suggestion.

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