If The Anniversary Buff were *Permanent!*

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05/15/2014 03:15 AMPosted by Meridian
id quit.

theyve buffed the game enough already. stop trying to make things easier. we need more to do not less.

Please go into a hole somewhere.
I feel like this is the drop rate the expansion should have gone live with. That being said, I played 6 hrs yesterday and not one single upgrade dropped and I don't have super good gear "I'm stuck on t3" so the person that said "you will gear your character out in 5 hrs" has some rethinking to do before posting some thing so ridiculous when this game has so many layers of RNG, the drop rate must STAY this high. I'm not saying I should have found an upgrade in 6 hrs ,but at least if felt like the next upgrade could drop at any time. I finally feel rewarded for the time I spent playing, even though it came in the form of forgotten souls. The group I play with also feels this should be the standard drop rate.

Would just like to mention this 100% increase is really only noticeable in rifts, Bounty's need a 200% increase at least. 35 caches opened from t2-t3 and 0 legs have dropped.
This buff is too much. Half of this would be nice forever, but it doesn't need to be.
05/15/2014 11:26 PMPosted by DreUd
Found 5 set pieces, I basically finished my Raekor's and Earth set and have 1 more piece for immortal kings all in a day (i'm not done yet either). If you want to gear out in 2 weeks then cry you have nothing to do then keep asking for higher drop rates.

This is not technically towards you, but everyone like you (including you).

SOME people (me included) don't want to play with three other people just to clear things as fast as possible and make drops RELATIVELY okay. You got lots of drops and SOMEHOW managed lots of good ones (you lucky son of a...). I got like 20 in 8+ hours of play and NONE were good. A few that were side grades or TINY bonus' to yellows... That's it. But I play SOLO... And that is EXACTLY how I will continue to play (IF I continue to play). I won't play with others. That is not as enjoyable to me as just playing MY WAY, in MY TIME.

I'm happy you've been RiF'ing and all and have been spazzing out and hurrying as much as possible and came out on top with loot... But, not everyone wants to be rushed. Solo play shouldn't be at such a serious detriment just because MOST of you don't know how to relax and enjoy playing a game.

I got all 6 characters to outfit to BiS. It'll still take me a MINIMUM of a year to do it at this rate. That's at 8+ hours a day, BTW. ("All I got is time!", but time unrewarded is time wasted... And I don't like wasting time either)
This is perfect and the way it should have always been, as others have said I finally feel excited to play again as an upgrade could drop any minute.

Played for about 3 hours last night, was getting 2-3 legendaries per rift. Only one of them was a minor upgrade but damn it I was enjoying myself.
Yah I chuckle at this being the anniversary buff..really?? This should be permanent w/o question. How dumb is it to run an act of bounties, get the cache and still to not even have enough rift keys to open a Neph rift?!

Rate now should be standard as for legendaries yes, BoA or did they forget? BoA automatically makes a large percentage of the items you find souls unless you have multiple accounts and the stash space of a god. Where's your motivation then?? At least with this rate you have a much better chance at an upgrade if you're in full leg gear (which doesn't take that long with Kadala). That's the thing too, farming should be the main goal not spamming Kadala.

Just do it and give us another buff like experience like last year.
well 12h and 1.5k shards later still not single set pice 4 my DH.
Was getting all kinda stuff but not that my dh needs. Drop rate
is sweet but feels like they buff all the trash legendary drop rate
and forgot the ones we need. The 1.5k spent on that toothless
wh**e Kadala... She is one hard bit*h to crack.
They shoudld set rift drop rate to 400% and outside game on 200%. At the same time restrict some legendaries from dropping, so I dont have 5 full blackthorne sets in stash.
Nah, I'm against it. While I do like the buff and have gotten some upgrades from it, The majority of the legendary items I got were garbage.

I would much rather they just make it so the drop rates for legendary items dropping remains the same but that the more rare legendary items have a better chance to drop.
05/16/2014 05:11 AMPosted by Omnilux
This is perfect and the way it should have always been, as others have said I finally feel excited to play again as an upgrade could drop any minute.

Played for about 3 hours last night, was getting 2-3 legendaries per rift. Only one of them was a minor upgrade but damn it I was enjoying myself.

and you'd stop enjoying yourself after a week again once you stop finding any incremental upgrades.
05/15/2014 09:57 PMPosted by TheTias
05/15/2014 07:00 PMPosted by Starbird
Have you tried Rifts? You can really feel the difference there. I haven't had this much fun in ages!

And this is a massively huge problem. Being forced to do the rest of the game ad nauseum to do a few rifts where drop rates are actually enjoyable for once feels really really bad when the drop rates outside of rifts are abysmal even with the buff. I went what was it, four hours and got one damned pity legendary the entire time last night. With the buff in play. I was farming keystone fragments as I'd be stupid not to for later, and ...one legendary.

If we're still being forced to rifts and the rift it forward philosophy just to make things tangibly fun, then the game hasn't actually improved at all and the buff is a sham. I'd like to say it's a good start, but eight full bounty runs (eight caches in Act 1 since it was the only bonus act I cared for as I hate act 5) netting me a single solitary legendary after four hours tells me this buff seems only to be applied to rifts and nowhere else when it comes to the legendary drop rates. The other clanmates were saying "it's raining legs!", and guess what? They are all in rifts! Those of us in the clan that were doing bounties? Same craptastic drop rate as it was pre-buff. My only consolation prize was that the legendary was a quiver that gives me two extra sentries should I find a calamity to use it with (I'd prefer to retain Danetta's).

05/15/2014 06:16 PMPosted by Starbird
What does worry me is a mass exodus after it ends.

Oh it's pretty much a guarantee that there's gonna be an exodus after the buff goes away. It's only tangible in rifts, and the rest of the game still sucks. Take away the buff and rift it forward becomes teh only means of getting a decent amount of drops, and that's due to farming via Kadala. I liked Gheed in Diablo 2, but I didn't need him nor any method to cheese him to get unique and set items there. Funny how I have to do that now even with the buff.

Now, 2.0.5 itself I give a thumbs up. It's got a few instances of "the hell?" strewn about, but it feels much more solid than any 2.x patch before it. Unfortunately unless I play in rifts, I feel like the buff is a placebo for me. So much so that I'm likely to leave again before the week is even up.

I was really hoping this would end up feeling like the FaF beta, but it only does in one part of the game. Massively majorly bogus bummer. I wasn't expecting to get legendaries raining from the sky, but one in four hours after the buff? I'd rather beat my head against the grindstone in HS.
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Bounties are a means to acquire rifts. Leg I get during bounty I always regard as a bonus. If you can get a group together to do t1 speed bounties I think youll find your leg rate is about the same even during the buff.

Please Blizzard keep the buffed level of legendary drops. The game is 10 times more fun
I feel like it makes the game worth playing, and it will be hard to keep playing after the buff is gone. It's not like we're going to get maxed out on gear anytime soon anyway, because gear is SO random, there is always something you can improve. Plus gearing up other characters will be funner.
It will be really depressing to play when the buff will go away in a week.

There are six playable characters in D3, gearing them all up even with the proper drop rates we have this week, will take a long, long, LONG time.

Especially considering 98% of legs dropping are poop and salvage material.
I hope they put this buff in to the game. I think if they don't from what I see in clan's and forms A LOT of people may drop off.
Hell, I logged in again to check out the buff and it was beautiful... Minus one of the set pieces I got being for a Wiz :P

If they kept it I might stay, still doesn't quite fix the amount of !@#$ items though... Just get enough you'll eventually find the diamond in the rough.
Love the buff hope it stays.
I got a full raekors and iks set bonus yesterday, so im digging it.

Of course that was just luck, though, and I literally played all day. And now I don't have much more items to look forward to on my Barbarian since I have every set.

The drop rate is fine with this buff, but only still points out the lack of real build changing legendaries in this game. The drop rate does help breaking down the mental barrier of wanting to gear up a different spec. or class, which I like. With all the different classes, and the few viable builds per class, the drop rates should be at least as high as this where it would not, hopefully, take a 500-hour commitment to gear a different class.
No Im sorry. but it would be too much. I found so many good items/set items in this time and In 2 weeks time I imagine I would be ready for T6.

If they just kept 25% maybe for a buff after this forever I think that would be acceptable .
drop rate is actually nice atm, just play this week and get geared thats all i can say lol.

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