Ring of Royal Grandeur drop rate is againt D3 design

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youre so lucky, ive tried over hundreds of times and still havent gotten 1. its very discouraging to see people with 6 and i cant even get one.
It is difficult to describe how boring and frustrating this farm is. I have over 1000 runs on Act 1, mostly on Torment (Normal is damn too easy), solo, group or split - I've tried it all, and just once RoRG dropped (with LoH and Regen - omg, right). Blizzard, could you do something?
Finally got one after 750 bounties.
Can't see Act 1 for a while now.
I completely agree with the OP.
I did 1200 bounty's only in Act1 and finally got one to drop for my Hard Core DH.
Now I am at 1715 Act1 bounty's done and still not a 2nd one for my Hard Core WD.

This clearly is ridiculous.

There should be a disclaimer with Diablo 3 that in order to play at the higher levels you are expected to invest thousand's of hours of play in order to farm the proper gear in order to do so.

Guys, I'm not saying it should drop 1 in 10 or even 1 in 50.

But clearly let the RoRG drop somewhere between 1 in 250 to 500.

I would have at least 3 and maybe 4 if that droprate was so with the 1715 Act1 bounties that I have done.
Completely agree with OP as well. Ive done nothing but farm A1 for this damn ring for the last 3 weeks. I have not played a single rift, or anything in any difficulty except for farm A1 caches. Ive opened 200 caches and nothing. I have multiples of every other damn leg that A1 gives. 6 shoulders, 3 maces, 4 necklaces, etc etc. None of them particularly worthwhile. I honestly just had to stop playing today. I played for 3 hours after work, thinking positive, and thinking "today will be the day." I saved 15 caches and opened them all at once. NOT A SINGLE LEG. I didnt even get shards... I closed the game. I cant look at act 1 right now. The worst thing is I know a lot of people here have cleared 5x more bounties than I am am in the same position.

I'm not arguing that blizzard's design of the game is good/bad, but they need to seriously rethink this one. A RRoG is too powerful with its set bonus possibilities to have such a hard time finding one. I'll get bashed by the "rng is rng" crowd, and the "I have 10 of them and only opened 50 cache" crowd, but its frustrating. At least give it a massive boost in T1. I read somewhere (unverified of course) that the rings drop chance is ~5%. Statistically I'd have 10 by now. Its clearly not 5%.

Blizzard needs to do something. Im paragon 146, and half the time am the lowest level in a game. Ive seen more 400+ running A1 bounties looking for the ring than I have when I play T3 (which has been ages...)

To reinforce OP:

It is NOT fun
It IS frustrating
It IS boring
Now I've only opened up about 50-60 with the intent of getting this ring I also have gotten 5 legendaries from those caches. It makes sense so I'm not really at the stage of anger bordering on rage yet but I really don't want to get there. If anyone wants to do split farming with me pls feel free to add me. :)
05/05/2014 11:56 PMPosted by hawkeye
The Ring of Royal Grandeur is not a bounty cache exclusive item. I got mine just doing regular farming, not from a cache. In fact,I'm sad to say I have NEVER never gotten a Legendary Item from a a bounty cache,

Wait is this guy on drugs?
Played for soo long still no RROG .......boring and sickening .......this game is broken
05/05/2014 04:33 PMPosted by MrBojangles
ive found 12 of them. they are fine. stop trying to ruin the game and have things handed to you.

How can people spit forth these trite canned replies when such a disgusting in-game, pseudo-sanctioned & do-nothing-your-way-to-top-end-gear such as RiF exists!!?!?!
What better "Handed to you on a silver platter" system could have been developed than that garbage "method" ~ exploit???

Smh I don't get some people...

(Edit: Apologies MrBoj - Saw the date of your post.. That was early-ish on... Dunno if RiF had picked up steam at that point BUT my point still stands in response to the qty of remarks of that nature that plagued the forums shortly after release - then after people chest exploited and RiF exploited: entitlement rebuttals suddenly quieted right down.)

//Sorry OP - yes the drop rate seems low.
Aside from RoRG:
To date I have never found a non-cache specific Legendary from a cache though it's supposedly been "increased dramatically/drastically/omgodilly" or something.
Maybe I misread or missed the memo - Random Leg's CAN drop from caches right?
I run A1 normal bounties with my Danetta DH and even with as fast as I can run bounties, I find it to be extremely tedious. The only consolation is that I've racked up a ton of rift keys. I've had lousy luck in general with the caches only seeing 1 legendary item from them so far. I do my best to rotate between characters to keep myself from getting too bored with the bounty grind.
No it's really not that easy your just extremely lucky or there's a glitch thats happening for certain people. I have friends who have done 1k-1500 bounties and have 4-8 rorgs. I myself have did 1100 and have one. I've tried junger rules higher difficulties but mostly I do what works for everyone else which is act 1 normal bounties and nothing is working. So clearly something needs to be done. Even if it's a program that checks your amount of bounties vs. your number of rorgs and increases/decreases your chances depending on that. There's no sense in wasting every bit of time you have on this game looking for something you can't get while everyone else is getting several of them. The odds seem to be very small that some people get 4-6x as many rorgs as other people who have did just as many bounties. If I had to guess I'd say there's a glitch going on that there unaware of.

(This is a mid 2014 post btw) This statement is of course still in my opinion worthy of a look even after all the updates.
I was wondering if the drop rate has decreased. I have about 10 of those rings.... but EVERY character should have one of these rings. It's an absolute no brainer. It's the best ring in the game. Even if you don't have all the pieces of your main set yet... you can still easily combine a few pieces of the stupid Blackthorn set (The drop rate for that set is insanely high) and combine that with two pieces of the Aughild set. If you accomplished that, equip a SOJ and you are all set to go farming for your main set on the higher difficulties.
I haven't had a legendary out of these Horadric Caches in the last 500 runs.

And it's true... most people are farming for this Legendary ring on normal. Split farming with a few friends is even better.....
I play only Hardcore by the way, I don't want to go to higher difficulties without knowing that I can survive.
Gotta love these threads.
The problem is NOT THE DROP RATE, the problem is the drop is a straight RNG roll.
That means that out of a million players some may never get the ring, some will get a really well rolled ring and some will get tons of junk rings.
The RNG needs to be weighted so in a fair amount of time you get what you need, but that is a very difficult algorithm to code.
I changed TERA with my well documented RNG fails. The programmers estimated 30 tries to roll extra slots. I made a video of 130 consecutive fails and sent it to tech support. They added to the chance a progression factor with 100% at 50 tries. But that was only one of many RNG frustrations.
I stopped playing TERA because my luck was soooo bad in that game.
I got my 10th one over the weekend after farming 26 caches.
I'm so tired of trying to obtain one of these things, opened another 50 Act 1 caches yesterday and got every other legendary multiple times except for the ring. It's way too mandatory to be this rare an item.
In less time than it took me to get my first RORG I completed all the class only sets for my mage. How is that supposed to be any kind of balanced? I must have really !@#$ luck at getting these since I've got like 4000 bounties completed now and have only ever seen one int ring. I need a dex one now and the prospect of having to run more bounties is making my head hurt.
Boring and tired to find this RORG still no drop......
I've been doing 3-6 runs per day on T6. still nothing for my jade WD. my pet WD and Monk took about 1 month each to get theirs. My Wiz and Sader took about 2 weeks each. I basically need two for each class and currently have only four..
Hello guys,

I need to add my 2 cents to the thread... Blizzard, we are happy with all the new features in 2.1 ...

This is great so far ...

Except that some of the key design of the game... I mean for the RORG.

I wont add any crying post, but the design of this item is not adapted to the drop rate.

You put us in a situation where we all require this ring for having a descent character but we need to farm like bots for HOPING to have a ring ... Not even a GOOD one.

I wont give any number, my para speaks for myself (630 on EU), I only got 2 RORG .... For 15 characters level 70, its good drop rate right ? They all have to share 2 !@#$ty rings... not even with their main stat...

In the other side we have the crazy ring, the most famous Hellfire ring : totally useless. So I am maybe a little bit nervous when I write this post, but I think I have some reason for being like that...

Most of the people I met trough the community are disgusted, some of them even installed bot for doing this stupid farming...

So whats the solution ?

The incentive for doing T6 Caches is WAY too low. Who want spend 2 hours for having 10 empty caches in T6 ?

What are your thinking about it ? You have all the stats, you know this ring is ESSENTIAL to all player right now. Why did you design a such poor way for obtaining it ?

This type of item is MANDATORY, so why setting a so LOW chance of obtaining it ?

Now with the reduction of key numbers and the apparition of the GRIFT, our time spent on the horadric caches will be even lower... With a 5 to 1 ratio for opening a rift...

The quest are boring, always the same: there is no fun anymore. Blizzard WAKE UP ! At this time I dont even care about 2.1, I want my time spent on the game be rewarding !

You add us the 50 % of gold... Great for the seasonal character, I understand... You HAVE the power to improve the design of the game ... What are you WAITING FOR ?

You want ideas ?

- Get rid of the hellfire ring, NOBODY use it. make it a RORG
- Create some events every week around the horadric caches, involve the community, REWARD them with xp and extra drop rate for specific loot by day, For example : Monday Act 1 higher drop rate (REAL HIGHER not like the one that exist between t6 and t1),
- Get rid of it by changing the number of pieces required in the set. EASY, it will give us more flexibilty and may be developp the use of OTHER RINGS,

I dont understand why you are SO PASSIVE about it... This post is huge, people are complaining... Where is the Community Manager ?

Do you understand that you are loosing players aka CUSTOMERs ?

I really hope some blue post on this one as the subject touch one of the MAIN OBJECT of the game, a BIS object at the hardcore gamer like to say.

You obviously haven't tried for a wand of woh.

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