Wand of Woh- Mage build

This is a Long Guide about a mage build using Wand of Woh and explosive blast as primary DPS, and fire type damage as a secondary DPS. Archon is included over Teleport or Black Hole for quick dispatch of Elites and Champions, Along with Vyr's Set for all runes when using archon. Other items may be substituted for Vyr's set items upon personal preference. All items other than the Gloves, Chest, and Boots are legendary items, with legendary effects that help this build survive and deal more damage. The royal ring of grandeur may only be obtained from the horadric cache received from act 1 bounties and is necessary for the Vyr's set effect

1-Energy armor+ Pinpoint Barrier
2-Magic Weapon+ Force Weapon
3-Familiar+ Sparkflint
4-Explosive Blast+ Chain Reaction
5-Archon+All Runes/Pure Power
6-Magic missile+ Conflagrate OR Black Hole+ Spellestial OR Teleport+ Wormhole
*5=leftclick 6=rightclick*
*Reset keybind “force stand still” to 5, so archon can be activated more easily.*
Passive skills:
-Glass cannon, +15% damage
-Audacity, +15% damage to enemies within 15 yards
-Dominance, Killing enemies stacks 10 three second shields that absorb 12.3k damage
-Evocation, 20%+ cooldown reduction
Paragon Points:
-Core: Intelligence
-Offensive: Cooldown reduction or crit damage
-Defensive: Life regeneration or Resist All
-Utility: Area Damage and Life on Hit split
Stats to go for and avoid:
-Intelligence High as possible
-Attacks per second/Attack speed increase unnecessary
- Crit Chance 50%+
-Crit damage 400%+
-Area Damage as high as possible
-Cooldown reduction 50% or close. More than 50 does not help.
-HP 400k+
-Life per hit as high as possible
-Arcane power cost reduction/regeneration unnecessary
-Helm: Storm Crow/Dark Mages Shade- Fireball/auto diamond skin when below 35% HP
*Helm Gem should be a flawless royal diamond, for increased cooldown reduction*
-Chest: Vyr’s Astonishing Aura
-Belt: Razor Strop- Health globe pickup makes an explosion for 350%~ weapons damage
-Legs: Vyr’s Fantastic Finery
-Boots: Ice climbers- Immunity to immobilization effects
-Shoulders: Homing Pads/Spaulders of Zakara- Home teleport no interruption/No item degradation
-Gloves: Vyr’s Grasping Gauntlets
-Bracers: Reapers Wraps/Nemesis bracers- HP orbs restore primary resource/Shrines spawn champions
-Weapon: Wand of Woh- Casting Explosive Blast triggers 3 additional Explosive Blasts
*Aside from getting a socket, Make the damage type fire*
-Source: Mirrorball- Magic Missile fires 1-2 extra missiles
-Ring 1: Ring of Royal Grandeur- Reduces the amount of set items required for an effect by one, to a minimum of 2
Example: set effect for three items requires 2 items instead
Exception: set effect for 2 items will not be gained with the ring and one set item
-Ring 2: Anything you want.
-Amulet: Countess Julia’s cameo/Moonlight ward- Prevent all arcane damage and heal 22.5%~ from prevented damage/Arcane orb+ arcane orbit rune, on steroids, gained when attacking nearby enemies
Someone should edit this post. One thing I disagree with is that cool down reduction is pointless above 50%. Frost Nova in my opinion is very important for Wand of Woh users. The higher your cool down reduction, the better off you'll be. Additionally, Frost Nova will increase your dmg by 33% which is higher than any of the passives you'll be able to get.

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