[Bug] Fetish Army got Despawned by Passive FS

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Bump for blue
14 pages, popular topic status reached, 3 days of bugs. Can we at least get a "this is being looked in to" already? majority of other patch related bugs have already gotten replies.
Anyone mentioned this is their livestream earlier? I have crappy internet so I was not able to watch...
can we get an answer before every developer goes home for the weekend?
well, according to the bug rules it's not strictly forbidden to open a new bug thread or do i misinterpret that?
we might as well create 10 threads ._.
Blue for Justice.
bump for blue
would be best to not create multiple threads on the same issue and just contribute to this one.

not that there is anything left to contribute, as its already been tested multiple times and easily verified.
Please blue let us know when this will get fixed?
So a blue just responded to a wiz complaint that has been up for 3 hours with only one reply to it. While this report has been up for 4 days with 270 replies and still NOTHING!
For the love of all that's holy. Answer us already.

sycos should only replace sycos.

or max FS generated = 15 minus number of FA active.

ez pz
05/15/2014 11:35 PMPosted by Melkor
seems that they either:

1: Don't want to admit to stealth nerf
2: Don't want to admit to a !@#$-up
3: Both of the above.

However I have seen them reply to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12091749472 quoting a different fetish build and praising the guy for working around the issue

Nevermind all the people that have built gear to increase FA damage, so they just ignore this thread and the issues noted in it

THIS is why you won't see a blue post on this subject

I have never known any game where a passive skill/summons overwrites a forced skill/summons until D3 lol

only blue post on the subject is praising someone for using FS and not one mention of why FA overwrote by FS
look at the dates, that blue post was before the patch. derp.

still bumping for justice.
05/16/2014 08:23 AMPosted by Vhd
can we get an answer before every developer goes home for the weekend?
a couple of years, a couple of years...
I'm working as a consultant for a business software developer - and when my programmers screw things up, I'm instantly talking to my costumers like "Okay, we are all humans and made a mistake here. We 'll fix it asap." Never been in trouble, everybody likes my honesty. Well we only supply 400 small to medium companies, but i believe in our comunication policy.
Bump. At least give us answer working as intended or not working as it should be
A blue post that this is indeed a bug with an intended patch for 2.1.0:

05/16/2014 11:06 AMPosted by Grimiku
05/15/2014 08:15 AMPosted by Jake
I think it matters because +dmg to FA is lost when the FS overwrites the FA fetishes... I think...

Currently, fetishes summoned through the Fetish Sycophant passive are replacing the oldest fetishes, and that includes those summoned by Fetish Army. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that many Witch Doctors now have very powerful fetishes being summoned through Fetish Army, and those bonuses do not apply to fetishes summoned through the passive (as noted in the quote!). The good news, though, is that this is a bug that we intend to fix in patch 2.1.

Our plan is to separate the fetish cap for each these skills, so that new fetishes summoned with the Fetish Sycophants passive will only replace older fetish sycophants. Fetishes summoned through Fetish Army will remain for the duration of Fetish Army (possibly forever for those of you with the Zunimassa 4 piece bonus).
so we only have to wait a couple of months? seems fair...
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that we are aware of this issue and the behavior of Fetish Army fetishes being replaced by Fetish Sycophants fetishes is indeed not intended.

This has been added to the known issues list and we are currently planning to have a fix for this in patch 2.1. Thank you all for your patience and reports about this.

Edit: Looks like MCP beat me to it!

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