Spectral Balls Build + Gearing Recommendation

So i've been 70 for around 3 days. In that time I've been able to get up to ~600kdps and 7mill toughness with my build buffs. T2/T3 are ok, no deaths ever, but I'm trying to get up to T4 and things are just taking forever. Wanted to get some suggestions on both Build i'm using, and gearing from here on out.

Spectral Balls
So this is a build I kind of threw together as I levelled and ended up really liking for the sheer ability to face tank anything. I hardly ever die with it and am able to rock stuff up close pretty easily. The only problems are the ranged mobs that are fast, they take a while to track down.

1 - Diamond Skin + Enduring Skin - Long uptime shields
2 - Arcane Orb + Arcane Orbit - The main dmg dealer, since you're always in melee with this build this thing rocks out hits for 2 mill constantly.
3 - Magic Weapon + Deflection - This provides shields to you constantly so that you can stand in melee and not get hit for much dmg
4 - Energy Armor + Pinpoint Barrier - Extra Survivability and Dmg - This is obviously an optional one as It was just a filler for me. Used hydra for single target bosses like Duriel where there is a lot of movement outside of meele
Left Click - Spectral Blades + Barrier Blade - Filler for stacking Arcane Dynamo, and getting shields from MW and BB up. With LOH, you basically become shielded up with huge regen.
Right Click - Black Hole + Event Horizon - Sucks the enemies to you so that they all get hit by arcane orbits orbs all at once. Also keeps things in range for Spectral Blades to keep shields up a ton. Also helps with Audacity Passive.

Passives -
Blur - for dmg reduction
Unstable Anomaly - Cause everyone messes up every once in a while
Audacity - Since all attacks will be in melee, this is just a 15% more dmg
Arcane Dynamo - Stacking up 5 stacks with spectral blades then refresh arcane orbit for huge hits

So any recommendations on build tweeks would be appreciated. I like the overall gameplay but just wondering if i'm missing anything. No need for APOC or AP generator, as arcane orbit is a relatively low cost for the up time.

The Gear
So right now I'm gearing heavily towards DPS and with only one legendary i feel like i have some solid stats. The only problem now i'm running into is the length of time it takes to kill stuff in T4. I don't usually die to anything, and i'm having no problems with T2/3 farming. I'm just wondering what would be recommendations of legendaries to specifically go for (like Kadala farming). The problem I run into is that 90% of the legs I get have 1 awesome ability but the rest of it sucks which makes it useless to me. Any recommendations would be appreciated as I've only had the game 3 days and the new way of gearing is a little bit different.
Anyone, recommendations, or anything?
Very cool idea, your length of time you take to kill things is probably due to your gear, not the build.

Critical hit damage is basically mandatory on an Amulet, as it rolls up to 100%, and +% Arcane Damage would be good as well. % arcane on bracers, bonus to arcane orb on boots, getting Crit damage on your other ring, are all ways I can see for you to improve your gear.

Obviously you have just started so it's a process, but you're doing good so far. Once you get more legendaries with the right properties, you'll be able to kill things faster.
Thanks for the input, i've added a good amount of CHD and Arcane damage. T4 is becoming faster, but it is still slow. It seems cake in groups, but I'm still having trouble soloing. Any recommendations on specific items to go for or build enhancements?

My biggest problem is trying to figure out what to get from Kadala as when i search for a legendary item on the D3 database, it always shows the low level version from vanilla so i'm not sure if i should gamble for it or not.

Overall, i'm really liking this build, seems really tanky with huge front end damage.

Seeing you have a sloraks and a nice moonlight, why not try disintegrate out?

Use SB to get AD stacks and channel DIS until you're out of AP, rinse repeat
The only problem i see with that is that I don't have a AP generator, so i'll have a lot of down time with Dis, while orbs don't require an AP generator.

I'm trying DIS right now and i like the damage, just keep getting AP locked.
Just some general suggestions if you're trying to get more dmg:

I'm guessing since your paragon is still rather low, you don't have a lot of crafting plans. But if you do... CRAFT aughilds shoulders, chest, bracers.

Those set items have a max INT of 500 each and the set bonuses are amazing. Make sure you get crit or elemental dmg on your bracers so you can reroll for the other.

Gamble at Kadala for sources. Within almost every single batch of 500 shards, I got at least 1 Triumvirate. That is probably the best source for your setup (10% arcane dmg).

Unstable Anamoly is such a poopy passive. There's almost no penalty for dying. Better to choose a passive that helps you out more in everyday situations so you don't have to rely on it. I see that as mostly as a "get out of jail free card" for hardcore players. Temporal Flux works rather well with arcane builds.

Reroll crit dmg on your moonlight ward. That's expensive per reroll but worth it. Max 100% crit dmg is one of the single best sources for dmg on gear. Period.
No offense, but T3 with yout gear probably takes atleast 30-45 minutes per rift to complete.

You have bad gems, no skill damage (cept for pants), arcane on only 2 parts.

I understand where youre coming from, we both have the same playing style. I love facetanking, in T3 i dont even get hit because of my barriers being up all the time.

That being said, you need more mitigation. Start doing T1s effective, until you get better loot and better damage, so you can farm higher TS effectively.

Heres a tip: If you ever get a lidless wall shield, take a closer look at it. A perfect rolled one can easily replace a good triumvirate for an arcan build.

For higher Ts you need good attack speed, for the barriers being up all the time. im at 2.02 currently, loving it.

Be more effective, faceroll lower torments for increased lewt.
05/12/2014 07:45 AMPosted by Sullivan
No offense, but T3 with yout gear probably takes atleast 30-45 minutes per rift to complete.

Not at all, right now T3 is taking me an average of 17min, with T4 going up to 32 (average, obviously with pack density its pretty variant). Hence why i'm wanting help with T4 gearing as it is almost doubling my T3 timing.

I do agree with you about gems, i have only been 70 for 5 days so still trying to get gems up, just need more cache farming to get them.

As for mitigation, i am having no problems with that, I can solo T4's without dieing, it's just a slower process where the slowing of the speed doesn't outway the gains of upping the Torment level.

I do need to do what Jim2Point pointed out and reroll my neck, i just found it last night though so gotta save up the mats.

However, as most of you have said, i need a new source, since mine is just allright (though good for a rare).

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, seems like it's just the little things till I can get some of the good core legendaries i need.
I run the melee spectral blade concept, and can do T6 pretty quick (15ish minute rifts, safer with double unity, still fine without, just have to be more careful about fire chains and teleporting into the middle of a pack like that, and switch from ice armor to energy armor/prismatic)

If you switch to using illusionist passive, and teleport/calamity over black hole you get quite a bit of defense and offense. The mass stunning that goes on (especially if you can get the plans for cosmic strand) is really good. This allows you to focus more on damage things such as dropping deflection for force weapon, or instead of using barrier blades you can use thrown weapon. Or even both if you have enough life on hit/life regen through paragon levels.

A lot depends on what you really want to do. If you like the spectral blade spamming style, attack speed is good like another poster said. If you get a cosmic strand, attack speed isn't as needed since teleport/calamity spam becomes a great deal of your attacking.

Also, just play around with different skills to see what you like. Things like Familiar/cannoneer are really good with %arcane damage. I only use ice armor/frozen storm because each little tick of 28% damage can proc the Thunderfury effect. When running without the double unity, I switch this to energy armor/prismatic barrier for defense.

As for main items to possibly look for, you have one of the best with your amulet. That's a really good start. I'd say the Augild's set for sure, and a thunderfury if you're lucky. As far as gambling, you could try to gamble for a Triumvirate source. It's good if you don't have cosmic strand. Could also try gambling for an Andariel's helm, Pox Faulds pants, or Firewalker boots. These are really good for their affixes in a spectral blade close range spec.

Other ideas, are the elemental exposure passive. If you use a different element weapon (or reroll your current one) other than arcane (fire, cold, or lightning) it will count toward the extra 5% damage stacks. So you are automatically at 10% boost with just that. Example: My Thunderfury I rerolled to cold damage. Since I use mostly arcane spells, it gets 10% right there. 15% for the lightning proc on the weapon, then the full 20% from firewalkers hitting things. Lot's of fun ideas to play with in the melee build.
Thanks Acronen, that's some useful info. I like the ideas of switching to a more teleport heavy build as i loved it back in CM/WW days. I probably won't be stacking AS as much as I want to get the Arcane Damage up so i'd sacrifice it for CHD / Arcane.

The idea of switching to ice armour and familiar might be nice though, i'll have to give those a try.

thanks for the gear ideas, I probably will attempt to gamble for an Andy's next.

I had never thought of elemental exposure, i'll have to look into a weapon with a different element.

Thanks, these are great ideas!
@ kieble - dang you already got Ice Climbers. I have been gambling for ice climber and no luck so far...
Try a test of using:
Prismatic armor instead

And then:
Glass Cannon
Elemental Exposure
Unwavering Will
Unwavering Will

Someone with MLW and arcane orbit will most likely NEVER stand around for more like 1 sec. You need to get into the mobs to make the effects proc.
05/12/2014 10:59 AMPosted by yodatoy
@ kieble - dang you already got Ice Climbers. I have been gambling for ice climber and no luck so far...

haha yeah i've gotten some good luck i the few days i've played, sweet neck, sloraks, and IC's and a good Chantodo's, just not sure how to fit everything together into my builds yet.
Would probably drop enduring skin for calamity.

Replace unstable anomaly with illusionist.

This helps survivability and helps against ranged kiters. Also increases your run speed for faster moving around in rifts.

Some elemental % and some nice crafts (Aughild's especially) will boost your effective dps quite a bit, would focus on doing this for a little bit. Very easy just need a group or join the materials community for some shared help.
My build is similar to yours (I had a build like this long before the WoW).

Ignore my WoW, you can still build very similar and yield good results.

Main damage would be:
-Arcane Orb
-EB (Unleashed/CR)

-Electrocute Arc (or something else you prefer)
-Frost nova/Black hole

Attack style:
-Arm orbs
-walk in and freeze mobs
-spam Electrocute and EB

advantage here is that you can spam your secondary the whole time while triggering orbs/eb when they are ready (they don't pause your secondary attack like meteor/blizzard etc.)
I would switch DS for Teleport/Safe Passage or Calamity. I run a meele Disintegrate build sometimes and my biggest issue is getting to packs fast before other teammates get through with them. Tele option allows you to get into the thick of it faster.

Also switch Unstable Anomaly for Dominance and you're sett through T4.
I'm going to give you an honest opinion of your build. It's not the greatest, please listen to some of my advice.

I liked spectral blades too, until I got a mirror ball. Would you rather hit everyone in a close range for 200% weapon dmg, or hit everyone in a close OR far range for 200%x3? Magic missiles are better in all cases. But we can chalk that up to you having not the greatest gear.

Fast tips:
-reroll your belt/pants for 15%(x2) spectral blade damage.
-reroll your helm/boots/source for 15%(x3) orb damage.
-don't worry about higher torment levels, I am fairly geared and don't go past T3, for a few reasons; Mainly because it's not as fun, and secondly because it's not as efficient.

Not so fast tips:
-change spec to get 20% additional damage from elementalist. (I'd recommend ice armor with frozen storm, it actually procs moonlight ward too its awesome), and electrify magic weapon, and sparkflint. If you find a fire/light/cold dmg weapon then you dont have to have one of those skills.
-Check out my build/gear. I love it. I also love chaos nexus on disintegrate, and the cone disintegrate. Quite frankly Magic Missiles/arcane orbit does MORE damage than disintegrate (love mirror ball). Get a mirror ball. Now. Seriously why are you still reading this.

Long live the melee wizard!!!
There is a wand that adds spectral blade damage. For you it would be good. Also, stacking spectral blade damage on the items that can have it + orb damage on items that can have that would be good. Both your attacks are arcane, so also stack +% arcane.

Your build is fine, but diamond skin just hasn't got enough mojo imo. You might have fun changing it out and going teleport/calamity with the illusionist passive. Stunlocks and more damage, along with mobility and the ability to GTFO when you take spike damage too hard.

You need better gear most of all. Dat source especially needs to get replaced. You're on your way. Enjoy your fun build!

Craftable sets + RoRG will help you a lot. You can get +15% to elites with augs and 8% atk speed with cains.

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