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I've recently updated and now I can't even get to the correct splash screen.

I did the 9gb update and selected "run" - everything was going fine until I got the login screen - I couldn't remember my password, so I escaped to my desktop to find it.

When I went back to the Diablo 3 app, the "normal" splash screen wouldn't load and nothing happens.

I say normal because this is what my splash screen looks like now (basically just hangs here):
(I put it behind a white finder window so you can see the text)

I have no idea what is going on with this!?! Can someone please help?

I don't really want to reinstall everything and re-download 9gb for the update.

Any help please???
This looks like a problem with the application being corrupted. You can perform the following steps to rectify this situation:

1) Delete the following folders:


2)Delete the Desktop Application, usually found in /Applications by default (it may be in a different location if you chose a specific install location other than the default).

3) Download the Desktop Setup installer here:

4) Reinstall the Desktop Application. This will not require you to reinstall or adjust any of your games.

Once installed, you can play your games as normal.

Edit: Once the installation of the BDA is complete, it may show Install for the games you already have installed instead of Play. If that is the case, then click Install and simply select the location where your game is installed and it will "install" it for you again. It will not actually download, but will just scan the location and grab any updates that are necessary, if any. If you are fully up to date then the progress bar will show "Downloading X amount" and shortly after it starts the progress bar will change to downloaing a much smaller amount (the last update to the game if it needs it) or will disappear indicating the installation process is complete.
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