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I originally posted this in the items board, i realize that might have been a mistake.

So I've been looking for an Odyn Son for a while, and today I finally got one.
Only it's utterly crap, which isn't so much a surprise, seeing as thats pretty much what we can expect from this loot system. Only in this particular case, what makes it crap is rather surprising, at least it was to me.
Odyn Son usually has 15-20% lightning skill damage, which, on top of the proc is what makes it useful. Only mine doesn't.
According to this:
It should ALWAYS have that lightning skill damage, and I haven't ever seen one without it before.
On top of that it's also a legendary with only 3 primary stats and only 5 stats total, something else i also haven't ever seen before.

So I'm thinking this must be some kind of bug, at least thats the only explanation I can come up with, but if so is this a known bug, and what is actually buggy, is it simply that it doesn't display that last lightning damage stat, or did it actually forget to roll the stat? What's going on? How can it happen? And is it something which can get fixed?
Keep hunting bro!
That is indeed the plan, but I feel like if this is a bug the Blizzard should really know about it. Also I have no way of telling if this is simply a display bug, or if it actually a bug with the item.
Yea that definitely looks bugged to me. It should have at least one more stat (such as the lightning damage you mentioned)

It looks like the item is bugged in that if it tries to do a smart roll for the Witch Doctor class, it won't get the +elemental damage. It will be resolved in an upcoming patch but we haven't got an ETA as to when that might be.

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It's not only on Witch Doctor, I got the same bug (no lightning element dmg) on my Wizard too
My sunkeeper got the same problem as well, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sun-keeper with just 2 properties rolled on it plus the elite dmg. I HOPE when this is gonna be fixed the weapon we have in the stash gonna be fixed too, otherwise it would be a wasted drop . And i hope that the same fix for odynsohn goes for sunkeeper

Found by a Monk, vit rolled to dex.

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