Devastator-reroll for higher damage or str?

Finally made a decent Devastator with a socket and I'm wondering what to reroll.

2,022 dps
1419-1951 dmg
1.20 attacks per second

+1103-1366 Fire Damage
Fire Skills deal 20% more damage
638 strength

7301 Life per kill
monster kills grant 160 experience


So should I go for higher damage? ( max is [981-1199]-[1175-1490])
Or a higher strength roll? (max is 750)
gonna go for STR.
I agree with Jackmeister.

STR is by far a much larger damage gain than weapon damage in this case. Not to say WD is useless, but you are missing over 100 str and I found out the hard way that ~500 strength is a HUGE damage increase.

Went from 19-21k Hota's to now 22-24k ones against elites. I was shocked.
thanks for the input guys
it seems the general consensus is strength but I'd like more opinions and thoughts if anyone has them.
DMG, 100 strength is a drop in the bucket compared to the 8.5k you should already have.

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