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No TL;DR. Take 5 minutes and read. If you like it please support it and tell your friends to support so we can finally get something exciting and worthwhile in this game.

So this game is boring. There is no way around it. Without any type of AH or trading once you get your phat loots there is nothing to do but kill the exact same things over and over again with no purpose and no goal. You can't sell your awesome items. You can't sell rift runs. There isn't even a (real) pvp system. The biggest part of this game, farming the rifts of hell, often makes one feel like they are actually trudging along through hell, not playing a video game.

How to break up this monotony, add excitement to rifts and farming, as well as fix the the broken part of the loot system (players have no way of getting the items they want no matter how good they are or how much they farm)? Easy.

Competitive Rifts;

    Each week (beginning and ending at the same time each week, say 6am PST) one standardized rift (same exact mobs/layout/affixes for every player) for each level of torment will become available at a separate portal

    This rift will have a running timer from the second a player enters until the rift guardian dies

    Each player may select ONE difficulty level for the week to attempt score on. Once you are locked into your competitive difficulty you are locked in for the week. This prevents one player from cleaning house.

    A players rift difficulty and time will be displayed on new separate "leaderboard" tab of their inventory, along with a leader board for their difficulty only and the top 100 times of the week, updating every few hours. Players will be listed by class, name, and time. There will be a separate leaderboard for groups. Groups will NOT be separated by number of players

    At the end of each week, lets call them rift cycles, rewards will be handed out as follows; Top 10 overall single players and top 5 over all group times receive one unid'd leg of their choice (selected from a menu)

    Top 10 player in each class receive 1 random unid set piece from their class's (or one of their class's) set(s).

    Top 100 Players in each class receive a set amount of rift keys. Lets say 100.

    All legs awarded will be specially marked to show they were won during a rift cycle competition

    An account may only win each bracket one time, group or solo. Meaning one account may only win the t6 bracket prize once the t5 price once, etc. There is no limited to how many times a player can win the 100 rift key prize

    The rift will change each week when the cycle resets but never change during a cycle

    A player may repeat the competitive rift as many times as they want during a cycle however each subsequent play through costs 5 additional rift keys

Please blizzard, give us something to actually play for in this game. Nothing brings the fun back like a little incentivized competition!

Edit: After writing this I have discovered there is a ladder system coming in a few months. Oh well, I liked my idea anyways!

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