I would love some help, please.

Just to be clear off the bat, I like the game, and I like my monk.

That said, I suck. I can solo bounties on Torment 1, so last night I decided to join a clan group in a T1 Rift on my monk.

I felt terrible. While I know my monk's gear isn't yet amazing, I just did not seem to be putting out much damage, as well as not being particularly tough.

So I am asking for advice. What am I doing wrong, gear-wise?
Is there a particular build I should be running at this gear level?
Do you have any tips for playing a monk in general?

I'd prefer a dps roll, but if monks aren't able to perform that decently (I don't need to do as much as class X or what have you, but I do want to feel like I'm contributing fairly in the scenario and not being carried,) I'd be willing to assume another role.

Thoughts and advice welcome, but please, I would appreciate it if those who are unhappy with the monk as a class or the game in general could refrain from dumping on my thread. (Apologies if this is not a problem here, I haven't been in the monk forums much, just a little gunshy from general discussion. >.>)
OK, not an expert here, but experienced monk player nonetheless. Here are some things I see based on your profile:

1) Fist of Thunder - Nerfed into the ground. Slow, not a lot of proc chance. Swap it to Way of the Hundred Fists for better damage and proc chance, or crippling wave - rising tide for better spirit generation for more LTKs.

2) Improve your gems in your weapons (first) and armor (second)

3) Get crit on your helm

4) Get crit on your ring

5) Add a second socket to your pants for more +dex gems

6) Pray to the RNG gods for some of the better Proc weapons - Thunderfury, Shard of Hate, etc. Procs make up a LOT of your overall damage.

7) You have more +lighting than +physical, consider swapping bladestorm to Cyclones if you must run with the skill

8) Manta - I suggests MoR Transgression for more attack speed or MoH Circular breathing for more spirit, as spirit = more LTKs.

9) Breath of heaven - wow, havent seen that in a build in quite a while. It is really underwhelming. Conisder swapping it for one of the "staple" skills - Exploding Palm, Cyclone strike (great symmetry with said exploding palm) or dashing strike. On teams, Exploding Palm - the flesh is weak is a great way to contribute to the team's overall DPS.

10) Guardian's Path - Dodge is simply not a great defensive mechanic, you need overall mitigation. You might be better off swapping this passive over to Sieze the initiative for +30% dex to armor skill or trascendance for Life on Spirit (heal while you DPS with LTK, not a bad deal)

11) If you can find more of a particular +elemental damage, focusing on skills that use that element type will become more effective.

12) Consider using Unity passive. The larger the team the stronger you get (up to +20% damage) and it buffs other players by 5% as well as long as you're using a mantra other than conviction. This works solo with your henchman, as well as mystic ally of you use that skill to boot.

Good luck.
You have a good sets of equipment.
Change the physical to Lightning on your amulet.

Run Way of the Hundred Fists (WoHF) Fists of Fury (FoF)
Or if you want lightning run Deadly Reach - Scattered Blows.

Personally like WoTHF - FoF

Try running expert bounties and rifts for now until you get comfortable in T1.
Get yellow trifecta rings and gloves.

Guardians Path -> Seize the initiative
Chant of Resonance -> Exalted Soul
Resolve -> Unity (Awesome for group play) that 20% more damage in a group of 4

Life per hit not so important.

CC>CDH>Elemtal % Damage> Life on Hit


Armor/AR/OWE Resist > Dex > Everything else > Vit.
Thank you very much guys, I appreciate it. At least I know I'm heading in the right direction. :)
I noticed in your profile you took some of the advice given to you. What do you think after the changes? How does your monk feel?

Digging the Thundarr the Barbarian references, BTW.
Heh, you are the first person to notice the references! :)

I just did my first string of T1 rifts today, and my monk feels much, much better. It's like night-and-day, really. I am not 100% sure how to gear long-term since not all my core abilities use the same element, but at this level she's doing quite nicely! :)

Thanks again for the advice, I'll keep trying to follow it as gear drops allow!
Upgrading the gems in your weapons should be a priority for you, honestly. The extra 30% crit damage you can get from that will increase your damage a pretty decent amount, and just costs you money and gems.

I'd reroll the physical damage in your ammy for crit damage(my personal choice) or to lightning since you have a decent EOTS. Get a pair of bracers with +% elemental and crit chance on them.

Those are the big things I see in your gear. Also, consider swapping out Sweeping WInds for Mystic Ally Fire. Pets got buffed a few weeks ago and even before that this was a VERY nice skill... sweeping winds is pretty meh, even cyclone. It really got nerfed pretty hard a few months ago.

The last thing that a bunch of newer players don't understand is that Combination Strike works with even a single generator, giving you +10% damage to all skills. While you're fighting, this is pretty much permanently up. In the kind of build you're using Exalted Soul isn't helping very much, and that would be a nice upgrade to your damage.

Good luck!

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