What to reroll on Kridershot + EA Rune choice

Demon Hunter
Hey guys, monk since D3V sick and tired of being a monk so jumped onto the DH bandwagon. much better except dex still sucks, at least dealing way more damage now.
Anyway I play the cookie cutter fire CA build but found a kridershot so thinking of what to reroll.. Higher damage or roll the 23% area damage to aspeed?


also, ive got about.. 100~110 fire damage and thinking if i should use the Screaming Skull Fire rune (which many people say is bad compared to the Frost Arrow) instead? I also get to free up a passive slot if I use the fire rune :\. opinions please?
If you keep it unrolled until the patch comes that fixes Elemental dmg + % dmg affix on weapons later on you can turn Area Dmg -> 10% dmg and get your Krider to 2618 DPS

Rune on Skill?
Can use Frost Arrow OR you can use Ele Arrow without any rune since the default Ele Arrow is actually fire!
Ideally you'd want to have the Area Damage enchanted - you can reroll to IAS, %Damage once it benefits elemental bonus damage on weapon, and should you ever choose to go Pet/Sentry physical, you can turn that into CDR in the future if you need to.

Despite Screaming Skull/unruned Ele dmg being fire and doing much more single target damage, Frost Arrow is usually more ideal (and becomes even more so as you get higher and higher resource reduction as the ratio of Generator to Spender becomes more even) because it'll seek out targets (whereas Screaming Skull and unruned are straight line) so it'll generally hit more mobs per shot fired (which will offset the damage loss per hit of SS/unruned) and it will slow targets which will provide consistent uptime on Cull the Weak.

Single target (boss fights especially), SS/unruned will usually be better than Frost Arrow as you can opt for Steady Aim in lieu of Cull the Weak (or, if already using both, swap Single Out in lieu of Cull the Weak), but on another note, as you get more and more resource reduction, using any other weapon with higher base damage and Entangling Shot JIS will give more single target DPS due to 6 Hatred per shot (especially, if by going that route, you can drop the ratio of Generator:Spender from X:1 to X-1:1)

TL:DR Enchant Area damage to IAS right now, %dmg when they fix it, and CDR if you go pet/sentry, Frost Arrow for trash/AOE/Cull the Weak and Screaming Skull for boss/single target/no Cull the Weak. Stick to a different bow if you have a ton of RCR and if using ES allows you to use generator 1 less time in a rotation
thanks for the advice!

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