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Awesome idea Blizz.

I live in a college share house which also shares a modem connection. We sometimes have lag/DCs. Since you insist on an always online Diablo the least you could do is not reset bounties if someone gets DC'd - It's not fun having to rerun the whole area again because of a DC especially when you're on the final bounty of an area.

I would suggest doing something similar to quests where you can reset them in the menu. Seems obvious to me that this would be an issue since not everyone has a perfect connection. I also understand that players doing group would not want this since it's all about speed and menu resets would slow this down. I'm talking about the single player aspect of it.

In before "lolol you paid for an online game lolol your fault". I see this as a design flaw since I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't have a perfect connection ALL of the time.
Blizz really needs to fix this. Losing all progress wastes a ton of time and this is the reason I don't like to do bounties.
05/14/2014 07:01 PMPosted by Waylander
I live in a college share house
Someone there should know about IT. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding "college share house", or college education (or lack thereof) in general.

All you have to do is allocate bandwidth maximums per IP on your router that goes into your complex. That solves the problem in very short order; one person can no longer consume all the bandwidth because they want to download the latest Hunger Games movie.
I think the problem still stands, though. If you get DC'd, you can't rejoin your last game so you lose all bounty progress. An ability to rejoin your last game within, say, 30 or 45 seconds (for those times when your internet connection just burps) would be fantastic.

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