Lets bring zeal back

When the crusader was released in RoS I heard zeal was making a comeback. I was excited to roll a zealot like back in d2. Now that RoS is released, I find the zeal rune for slash is terrible. The attack speed increase is not nearly fast enough to make a impact. What do you guys think? Should blizzard improve zeal? Knowing blizzard, they will nerf the gyr foot blessed shield build soon. What other build is usable in torment?
It should be at least 3% per stack. 5% bonus attack speed at full stacks is just insulting.

4% or 20% at full stacks would be cool, but we don't wanna step on the Barbarian's foot too much, so they can keep their higher attack speed with Frenzy.

I feel like 15% would be fair and would actually have a fair impact. I'd even vaguely consider using it, then.
Yes they should bring it back and it should work like it did in d2 - it's meant to be the pally equivalent of Frenzy.

Cap it at 5 hits or whatever, but make it a primary generator with it's own runes which are reminiscent of some of the old aura's like elemental bonuses (holy fire, holy freeze, holy shock), concentration and above all, fanaticism which would be like ultra fast attack-speed zeal mode.
I think the problem with this, and other crusader abilities, is Blizzard just ran out of ideas and had already given too much of the D2 paladin's abilities to other classes in D3. The monk 100 fist attack is D2 zeal, just like mantras were auras.

I would like holy freeze and redemption back as well, those were really fun abilities for me when I played D2.
why not make it the same as BARB?!!

my opinion on the frenzy rune is they should make it a really good proc build. maybe have it attack 2x's, but now it only does 100% weapon dmg each. so essentially 100% attack speed or just two quick swings in succession with in whatever your attack speed is at.
What made zeal so different was at max level(in d2) 1 click = attack 5 times really quick at a single target or 1 hit each on 5 different target at the same speed. Frenzy attacked fast but never as quick as Zeal. I remember using zeal with a two handed weapon and it was fun. Where frenzy required two weapons to even use it.

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