"Where the hell is my cursor?"

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Not sure if I've posted here yet but posting again to say WHERE IS MY CURSOR?

This thing gets lost way too often.

I can't count the number of black holes that have been misplaced because I couldn't locate the cursor in time. It just disappears...I mean, it's there but I can't see it.

It's a problem.
Missing Cursor
Dead or Alive
I have been having this problem since release of the base game. I had actually given up on anything ever happening. Perhaps now something will be done. Let's just keep bumping this until it's noticed.
No doubt! I thought I was the only one. Plus I am partially color blind so I can't find it 75% of the time... Luckily I play wizard so I just redirect the stream of fire, but I have spun in random circles many times.
Bring up mouse pointer control panel. Checkbox to use CTRL button to locate mouse cursor. Such works in D3. Microsoft says it's problem with games with other than standard DPI coding. Microsoft says to use game's shortcut compatibility. Checkbox don't use display scaling.
Need this now!
Losing my cursor is one of the main reasons I stray away from multiplayer games. The added HP and spells from other players makes it almost impossible to keep track of my cursor when big battles happen.
this is so TRUE!!! +100
Until your cursor becomes game breaking or OP in their eyes, Blizz devs will not consider it a priority to fix.
Agreed. I support this.
This is a topic just about everyone agrees with......
This is a topic that makes total complete sense.....

.....that's why we'll never see it happen. "Sigh"

blue, please~, don't be working too hard for nerfing here and there, please fix the hell easy and obvious defect in your product!!!
Keepin' hope alive.
I once lost my entire mouse O.O was an intense battle
When I make a topic like this nobody cared, but everyone cares about this one. Guess I am just not cool enough :(.
05/02/2014 12:01 PMPosted by ThePrestige
When I make a topic like this nobody cared, but everyone cares about this one. Guess I am just not cool enough :(.

Typically when this happens, it's because you made the mistake of posting a serious and relevant thread while 1,500 other idiots were starting "THANKS BLIZZ OMG ROFL NERF" threads.

That's why I bookmark good topics that need bumped. If I don't it swims about 12 pages back in less than an hour.
I can't believe the !@#$ storm i created by making this thread. I'm having a hard time believing that with all of the blue posts here, that they have been totally absent here where there is obviously a want and a need for this to happen.

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