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Oceanic Players
Organised Gaming

We are a dedicated clan for the top oceanic players.

If you are interested in joining our clan, make sure to read the following statements below. Also, if you have any friends that pass these requirements, please feel free to invite them to our Clan

-Must be willing to download and join our Teamspeak 3 Server whenever possible
-Must be 18 or older, mature, well-mannered, active and an experienced player.
-Must be team/party oriented
-Must be familiar with Rifts, Bounties, and Greater Rifts.

Teamspeak: iplaygames.xyz

We like to keep the clans as active as possible and therefore players will be removed after 20-30 days inactive sometimes even less during the peak of an era/season.

Hello recruits,we have 2 Clans

OPOG (MEN OF MAYHEM) Is looking for the Active Players

OPOG (MEN OF MAYHEM) is a Seasonal and Non Seasonal softcore based clan. We are seeking players that share the same mindset as the Clan. We seek players that have a competitive mindset love to give banter and have general fun . We are seeking players to have a main class (DPS) and also a class that can compete in the current group leader board meta (Support).

We offer our players a friendly active clan were players can meet there goals and grow as a team.
We welcome players that are highly active and are able to learn and adapt quickly and want to join in on group play and chat on TS and on our OPOG group Facebook page. If you feel that this is where you fit please MSG Waycooloz#6135 or one of our officers.

Our clan entry requirement is:

(600+ Season)
1500+ Paragons for DPS
1000+ Paragon for ZDPS

GR 90+ 4p OR
top 500 3p OR
top 1000 2p OR
top 1000 in a solo leader board




abend #6917

Looking for more players for 80+ speed runs and 90+ groups.
Our minimum requirements are Paragon 600





If you feel that our clan is right for you,search for OPOG under English (SEA) or you can add friend request to any of the following players listed. (Note: please make sure your friends list isnt full before requesting)
Great Bunch of people! If you dont have a clan yet these people will be extremely good to you. Azza is a experienced player from ye old prior patch 2.0 very knowledgeable.
Welcome to all our new members great to have you all. Filling up fast, but plenty of spots left. Big shout out to BigL for bringing in new members from a dwindling clan.
Just a quick thank you to LikeABoss for joining the clan and bringing several new members along. We are still looking for more active players that are T4 and above capable. Possibly have another clan also merging with us soon.So there's about 30 spots left but am willing to clear spots for the right people if we reach capacity.
Hey Azza, just wanna know if you've got 2 more spots for myself and a mate. We're active T6 players looking for a new group
Hey NorthStar, good to have more T6 players. The members will be happy. Sorry I missed your post but you found me ingame so all good. Well only a few spots left now. Thanks for all the support and to the members for making the clan great.
Hey guys just letting you all know we have a Vent server now to chat on. Also most of us are playing T4-6 range now. Atleast 20+ players are active at any given time. Going to be removing inactive players over the week to free up some spots for new members.
Looking for more T6 active players. Have done a bit of a purge so there is currently 30 spots available.
Hey Azza did't know you had your own clan as well as 7sins? Goodluck with it then and hope it goes well :) cya round in d3
Hey Sorceress,
You may be confusing me with Azza2k from 7S, cheers though. Good luck to you too.
Anyone else think of this whenever they hear the name of this clan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwr-7nkTuX4

No? just me? I'll be on my way then...

(no offence intended at all, I just have a weird mind)
Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP & Heroes fan.
There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'
Yep thats it lol :P Whoops hehe
Ah Funny Stuff Narull. Wow havent seen that in ages. Keep it coming man.
Most people think of this. Enjoy!
08/10/2014 02:39 AMPosted by Azza
Most people think of this. Enjoy!

Ahhhh spoilers!

I stopped watching Sons after season 2 disapointed me, maybe I should start again....ehhh
Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP & Heroes fan.
There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'
Good clan, been here for a while. Just a pleasure to play with u guys!
Azza's a Champ and i am in his clan now because he is devilishly handsome! we smash T6 rifts in 4-8mins with core players at the moment! So if your geared and experienced and sick of public games which take 10 - 20mins join this Aussie clan!
Found them to be a good bunch, no hassles. Some really pro players too, If don't have a clan then come join us.

Disclaimer - I'm being paid to say this.

PS - just joking.
Why is there like 5 aus clans with 30-50 active players when there can be 2-3 with 120+ active players.
Why can't all oceanic clans join neutral communities like ANZ and communicate that way if your looking to fill a few spots in party.

I have no problem playing with other clans. In the end of the day we are all oceanic players, but there's nothing stopping us playing together even of we are from another clan.

As you know Degske I have yourself and the other major oceanic clan leaders on my friend list. Everyone is pretty cool and its good to be in contact, merging is something most leaders are not interested in.

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