Pri's Unity-Free EQ Build Guide (2.06-T5/6)

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Pri’s Unity-Free Build Compendium (T5 NO Double Unity/Cinder Coat)

First off…let’s get this out of the way.


Video of Some T6 Fails :D --> Well...there used to be a link here...but twitch is a bunch of scumbags and for some reason deleted my vods. I do stream occasionally at so if you can catch me live you will most likely see me doing something stupid in T5 speed runs...or fail experimenting with T6. Sorry for the inconvenience.

LAST UPDATED: 6/12/2014

This build is for players that seem to have no luck with weapons and only have 1 good main hand...using born's for T5 is great! But anything higher and you have to get a bit more creative. Send me a message in game Pri#1584 if you have any questions!!

Multiple variants have also been added to this compendium. Many different gear choices, weapon choices, and build methodologies...all of which do not use the Unity/Immortal Follower combo.

Okay…now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about the build!


Hola fellow barbs…with the recent nerfs to Earthen Might and barb leap speed, many people are getting discouraged as to both the direction and “feel” of the Barbarian class. Change can be frustrating, but as many of the 1.02 barbarians can attest to it COULD BE WORSE. In the last few weeks I have been struggling to bring together my EQ set. Thanks to the help of some others in the barb community, I was able to complete the set and as a result had some time to test different builds. I finally settled on the one described in detail below.

The Basics of How it Works:

The basics of the build are simple and the recent barbarian changes seem to have made this transition pretty natural for me! With the reduction of the EM fury gen, we need options to gain fury….unless…you take large fury spenders out of the picture completely. What does this mean? You probably guessed it….NO HOTA. Removing the need to use HoTA completely removes the need for the previously mandatory Cinder Coat for true functionality.

HoTA by nature requires two big things from barbarians: 1) A greater amount of EHP/sustain to actually be able to stay in front of hard hitting T5/6 elites and 2) Incredible resource cost reduction (by the way of CinderCoat and if you are lucky Legacy HotA Redux SoJ).

Wait…what does this mean for single target DPS? Be patient we’ll get there.

The key to the entire build is freeing up the belt and pants slots (with the help of the RRoG) to take advantage of a low-cooldown Ignore Pain and at the same time retain damage bonuses from strong arm proc, +EQ skills, and Hexing pants. The random proc from Burning Axe of Sankis does a good job of controlling spike damage and unavoidable damage (I’m looking at you Thunderstorm)

High-Level Unbuffed Stat Requirements:

Based upon my current Barbarian (Grim) who can clear T5 rifts under 8 minutes (usually around 6-7).

  • Strength (Str) - ~8000-9000
  • Vitality (Vit) - Varies. With Life % and Vit combined, you should aim for 350,000 - 400,000 total life
  • All Resist (AR) - 800-900 (800 if building glass cannon) This equates to approximately 70% mitigation when you mouse-over your character sheet
  • Armor (Arm) - Varies (12,000 - 16,000) is where most barbs seem to fall out (kinda doing this off the cuff will calculate it manually tonight)
  • Crit Chance (CC) - The more the better! Because CDR seems to be a competitive stat here, you will most likely end up in the 45-50 range on crit. Keep in mind that CC is most effective when kept in a pretty direct relationship with CD. Aim for a 1:10 ratio for CC:CD.
  • Crit Damage (CD) - Varies. Try and aim for the 450-550 Range.
  • Cool Down Reduction (CDR) - 35-40% (Sweet Spot seems to be in the 38-40 Range)
  • Bonus Elemental Damage - Max as much as possible
  • Bonus Damage Vs Elites - Max as much as possible

Detailed Gear Requirements:

Head: Might of the Earth Set Helm w/ SocketPerfect: Str/All Res or Vit/Crit/Socket Gem: Diamond (Highest you can afford) because cooldown redux is extremely crucial to this build.

  • Variant: Skull of Resonance is an awesome variant in this slot. The mitigation from the helm proc is actually quite impressive. The key to using the helm, however, is getting good EQ pants. :[

    NOTE: This just in!! Early reports are showing that T6 Elites have had their resistance to stuns/blinds/etc increased meaning that the SoR may have lost some of its' effectiveness. Prior to the 2.06 patch, a mob 3-5 elites could be fully stunned with approx. 3 casts of TS. Reports are now that often times the mobs take upwards of 6-7 casts and even then only 1 or 2 of the elites are being charmed. This may change the mitigation necessities for the SoR Build. Will post more info as I get it! (Wow I sound like April O'Neal) STATUS: DEBUNKED - Seems as if early tests were jumping the gun....No issue here with SoR currently...move along!

    Detail on SoR Build by BaconNinja:

Shoulders: Might of the Earth Set ShouldersPerfect: Str/Vit/EQ+/Cooldown

NOTE: If you have to prioritize only 1...I came to the conclusion that Cooldown > EQ Damage bonus. Ideally you should really aim for both, but if you can only pick one the additional slot of CDR will get you in the 45% range. This increases the uptime of leap to approximately 80-85%...very very important

Gloves: Might of the Earth Set GlovesPerfect: Str/Cooldown or AR or Vit/Crit/Crit Damage

Chest: Born’s Frozen Soul Perfect: Str/Vit/3 Sockets/EQ+ ( Woot! No Cinder Coat!! :] ) EQ Damage on this slot replaces the traditional All Res spot. The only reason I suggest going this route is because only a few pieces of gear even allow the EQ damage roll and this is one of them. Look for another place to make up the All Res slot!

  • Variant: Aughild's Chest: Using the Aug chest gives a good amount of bonus damage. When using this chest, aim for Str/Vit/Eq Damage/Sockets. Keep in mind, this should be used in conjunction with the bracers for the 3 piece bonus.

Note on Born's: Basically since I removed the requirement for large fury spenders, the Born's Coat easily replaces Cinder Coat for me. I am basically prioritizing 20% CDR over 30% RCR because I want to rely on my EQs for the majority of my DPS. The fire damage bonus of 20% is mostly negated by rolling EQ damage onto the Chest. Once I reach higher paragon, there is the option to find a Cinder Coat and roll off the Vitality for EQ damage which would out DPS my set up here. Higher Paragon allows pure DPS choices on gear due to Vit Paragon point stacking...but who knows when I'll get there lol! Those that want to include HoTA in their build shouldn't use my build with the Born's Set unless they have a Legacy Hota Redux SoJ...and even then I probably wouldn't recommend it.

Bracers: Strong ArmsPerfect: +Elemental Damage (Fire)/Crit/Str/Vit or All Res

  • Variant: Aughild Bracers - If going with the Aug Chest, the Aug bracers are a natural fit and hence removes the knockback bonus. This allows you to switch the Marathon rune to a pure mobility rune i.e. Marathon or Forced March for groups.

Belt: Pride of CassiusPerfect: 6 second Bonus/Str/Vit/All Res/%Life – With high CDR, this belt gives incredible mitigation when you need it the most. Utilizing this belt will allow you to not use the newly changed Wrath of the Beserker: Striding Giant (which provides 50% Mitigation) which means more overall DPS.

  • Variant: Chilanik's Chain - This belt is great for mobility. Using this and replacing IP with War Cry is also a good variant in T5. For T6, this can be used as well but is best when used with the SoR helm for mitigation (.i.e. Mob Charm). I use this belt right now to speed farm T5...once I get some EQ pants that are decent, I do want to test the SoR build that BaconNinja and Chizow seem to be such big fans of! :]
  • Variant: Harrington Waistguard - This belt is one I keep in my inventory for quick gear swaps for rifts with higher tendencies to have more clickable procs for the belt. It's damage is bonus is greater than Wrath of the Berserker's, so it might be worth a slot of your inventory as well! I don't keep it on all of the time because I value the movespeed bonus I gain from Chilanik's too much!

Pants: Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan Perfect: 25% Bonus/Str/Vit/All Res Note: The current bug makes it so that you have to use force move prior to activating leap. Once you do leap however, the damage buff lasts until the very last leap. You don’t have to have these pants, but for higher torments, the damage bonus is pretty much required. I also did considerable testing with Pox Faulds which are a good option for some additional AOE…the unpredictable nature of when those pants proc’d is what ultimately made me decide against them. Another key component to this is that due to the recent "fix" of the EM passive, leaps only give 15 fury per jump. It is important to remember is that when using fury generating skills (in motion) you gain 25% more resource! War Cry gives you 25 instead of 20, Leap gives you 18.75 fury per leap (56.25) total, etc. I don’t currently use a “heavy” resource spender with this build…but eventually I might try to integrate one in! (I’ll save that for another guide lol!)

EDIT: In hindsight, I don't think that these pants are optional in my build. I have tried to go without them, but the additional resource gain and damage bonuses are too hard to pass up. Sorry Pox users. :[

EDIT 2: Based on some of Nubtro's work, turns out that the Hexing pants bug is still a hit or miss with Force Move. However, if held for at least a second ("a little bit longer") it has a better chance at activating. Once in the air on leap it is triggered and the damage bonus is applied to each subsequent EQ dropped due to leap.

  • Variant: EQ Pants - These pants are good when used with a Skull Helm or other form of skill-based mitigation. You do lose quite a bit of damage from the Hexing. My understanding is that the SoR helm actually (kinda) makes up for this gap. What hits harder than T6 elites after all? Let 'em kill each other! :D

Boots: Lut SocksPerfect: Str/Vit/All Res/Open

Amulet: AnyPerfect: Elemental Damage (Fire)/Str/CC/CD

KevinTSmith was gracious enough to hand me down the Orobadass that I'm wearing right now. :D

Ring 1: Royal Ring of Grandeur – This is basically required for the synergies in this build to exist.

Ring 2: Unity/SoJPerfect Unity: Crit/Cooldown/Elite/Str. Perfect SoJ: Fire damage/Crit OR Cooldown/Elite Damage/Str. …but Pri you said no double unity!! Relax…lol. If you look at my profile, I am currently using the unity for two reasons: (1) I don’t have a fire SoJ yet and (2) The ring provides me the ability to retain some Bonus vs Elite damage AND cooldown reduction which are very integral parts of this build. I do not own two Unities so I couldn't do the double unity if I wanted to!

EDIT: Lucky me! Got Crit on my EQ helm so now I am using a CDR based SoJ. :D

Main Hand: Burning Axe of Sankis – This main hand is very important for two reasons: (1) The Fire Damage bonus helps for obvious reasons and (2) The proc when combined with PoC Belt actually yields paper toughness numbers upwards of 21 million (higher if you have good base EHP and hit enough mobs with leap)

  • Variant: Weapons are all up in the air for Quake builds. Ideally, to maximize quake damage you want to use a Sunkeeper main hand with the highest average damage and elite damage possible and use this Sankis Axe in the off hand with a CDR you can currently see, mine is completely opposite lol! The reason being is I can't get a Sankis with a socket to drop naturally so I always have to roll one on to it....c'mon RNGESUS!

Off Hand: Born’s Furious Wrath Perfect: Str/10% Cooldown/Socket/Open. This weapon replaced my Devastator. Completing this set provides the most CDR out of any current set i.e. full 20% CDR (10 from set bonus, additional 10 on weapon). This increases the uptime of all skills including War Cry, EQ, and Wrath of the Berserker. The damage that is forgone here will be more than made up by the 25% bonus from The Hexing Pants as well as higher uptime of DPS skills like Leap, EQ, and Wrath.

  • Variant: CDR Offhand: Thunderfury, CDR stat stick - In testing the 46.00% CDR the Born's set provided me, I came to a conclusion that too much CDR makes you forgo a lot. When removing one slot of 10% CDR, I actually only lose 6.01%. My current CDR sits at 39.99% on the char sheet which seems to be the sweet spot for me. Consider testing other weapons here. Any weapon that you can roll CDR onto will make a decent off hand. I am using TF for lack of anything better. PhatPhoEater is using a re-rolled Sanakis which has a low damage value but provides a good amount of tDPS from the fire damage bonus. Just something to consider. :]

Potion: Bottomless Potion of the Diamond (Bonus) – Since potions are now a piece of “gear” I thought it would be appropriate to at least mention that I use this. Because of the way my passives work, I rely on potion healing for the bulk of my health regen. My potion has a 91 bonus AR as well which is pretty awesome!

  • Variant: Bottomless Potion of the Tower : Since the benefit from these potions are so short, I personally don't think that mitigation changes drastically due to these. However, the Tower Potion is probably the best of the bunch. The % Armor is pretty priceless.

The Build:


Left Click: Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) – Whirlwind here is used primarily for two reasons: 1) The ability to move through mobs as an escape and 2) Life Leech whilst in between Leap cooldowns. This is more of a utility skill rather than a fury spender/damage dealer. The relatively low cost here allows me to generate enough fury between leaps to sustain the WW indefinitely until the next leap cycle.

Right Click: Leap (Iron Impact or Death From Above) – The distinction of which rune to use here was pretty simple for me. Iron Impact for the masses; Death from Above for (extremely mobile) single targets. Iron Impact provides ridiculous mitigation. There is one catch, however, one mob can not provide multiple stacks of armor. The armor bonus is calculated upon impact and resets when another enemy is hit. So if you hit 3 enemies, the armor bonus is proc'd for those three enemies. Jumping on those enemies again will not give you additional armor.

In my testing with Hota, one of my biggest issues was coming up with the right balance of mitigation to actually use it for more than a few hammers before having to move due to incoming damage. The fact that resource cost reduction and LPFS work in an inverse fashion made this even more annoying with Cinder Coat. Now with the Stun ability on single targets, it actually increases our Edps (relative to other leap runes) on those targets because the enemy are forced to bathe in EQ pools. Is it as effective as HoTA? No. BUT it does do a considerable amount of work on Single targets even with the cooldowns. Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds after the last leap hits (counter resets). When looking at leap cooldowns of 5-6 seconds, this becomes considerable and you might actually be surprised as to how much damage you do! I typically clear a rift and once the rift boss spawns, change to the Stun Rune.

But Pri, you said something about using Strong Arms? Why no Call of the Arreat!!??!...all will be explained…keep going!

Skill 1: Earthquake (Molten Fury) – Obvious choice here for the 4500% damage bonus. Also keep in mind that EQ's that are dropped by Leap take the form of the Rune chose for EQ on your action bar. If no rune is chosen, the default "no-rune" EQ is the one that drops from each leap.

Skill 2: War Cry (Impunity) or Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) – I use Impunity rune here because the extra mitigation seems to be required (for me) in higher Torment. I would love to use other runes here (especially invigorate as a ghetto-version of a potion), but due to stacking DPS affixes on traditionally-considered EHP gear (Shoulders/Chest)…I need to use impunity. You can actually mess around and test different runes here. IF your native AR is in a pretty good spot, you can probably use something else. To give you an idea of where you stand, my unbuffed current AR is approx 900 AR. The additional benefit of this rune is to gain a bit of fury to spend on Sprint/EQ. One thing to note, is to make sure you always use this ability while moving. This will trigger hexing to actually give you 25 fury instead of 20…and as we all know, every little bit helps.

NOTE: When used with the Chilanik's Chain belt, this provides great mobility. With CDR in ranges for 45%, some people elect to remove Sprint from their action bar all together and replace with an emergency mitigation skill like Ground Stomp.

  • Variant: Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) - 50% damage mitigation for 7 seconds with the additional 6 seconds from the PoC belt with 40% cooldown! Based on my calculations, this is yields approx a 72% uptime with only a down time of around 5 seconds. In those 5 seconds, you still have the ability to proc the axe bonus which can cover the gap. If both are active at the same time I have received upwards of 350% mitigation bonus. Basically…I have literally seen my paper toughness spike from around 6 mil unbuffed to upwards of 27 million (even higher if more mobs are present). I typically use Iron Hide (inc onjuction with the IP belt) in T6. Warcry seems to be fine for me in T5 or lower. Basically if you use War Cry, use Chil Chain...if you use IP...use Cassius Belt.

Skill 3: Sprint (Gangway) – Here is where the build gets interesting. I use the Gangway rune for a few reasons: (1) Mobility. (2) The knockback from Gangway procs the damage bonus for the Strong Arm. The knockback has an in-game distance of max one or two yards and lasts for 5 seconds after they land. This means that you really aren’t knocking them back very far and you have plenty of time for the AOE from EQ to still be effective. (3) This rune also serves as a pretty decent escape for when you get into any kind of trouble (i.e. the 5 second down-time on IP). (4) The Knockback serves as an interrupt and inadvertently helps damage mitigation. (Works wonders on archer rifts) (5) STILL TESTING: The gangway rune, once activated actually persists through the leap (even in the air) - fact. i.e. Hit sprint then start leaping…the knockback proc still seems to take effect which gives you the damage bonus from the strong arms once you land. I am still testing this one because it seems that sometimes mobs that I would expect to get knocked back don’t….but somehow still “flicker” as if I have hit them with a knockback. I have to record some numbers Nubtro-style to see if the SA proc actually applies (will report back later).

  • Variant: Sprint Marathon - In T5 and lower, I find my mitigation to be perfectly fine. Hence I swap to a pure mobility build with Sprint Marthon. I am currently using the Aughild variant to the build so with no need to knockback (no Strong Arms) and the use of WW as my primary escape next to leap, I find Marathon my go-to rune.

Skill 4: Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) – Everyone’s favorite escape/damage dealing/god mode ability. This stacked with BK passives and cooldown is a work of art! The burst-damage bonus from insanity is needed for higher-torment mobs.


Now this is where it gets crazy…lol.

Passive 1: Ruthless – I use this because it really helps me put periods at the end of my sentences. It allows me to move quickly through mobs knowing that as they get closer to dying they actually take more and more damage.

Passive 2: Rampage – I debated using other DPS passives here, but I couldn’t. The additional EHP and DPS gain here makes this a no brainer especially for rifts where the 25 stack has a very high uptime. Sometimes this becomes a wasted passive in very barren rifts (ugh) but usually isn’t a problem. A good alternative here is Brawler.

Passive 3: Boon of Bul Kathos – For me this was a mandatory passive. The uptime I needed on my main damage dealer (EQ) as well as my “Oh-Crap” button (Wrath) makes this passive easily earn a spot in my build.

Passive 4: Superstition – The mitigation and fury bonus here is key to help Sprint (Gangway) out of mobs and in general keeps you fairly full on fury. The key is the mitigation bonus from non-physical sources…which we all know is crazy with Elites.

  • Variant: Passive 4 - Brawler - In groups, where mobs are distracted by other players, I can actually get away with using Brawler for extra DPS. This is all based on you comfort level in groups. Experiment with this last slot and see how it feels for ya!

OMG…wait…I forgot Bloodthirst! Just kidding lol. I find that due to the pure mitigation I get from this build (knock back from gangway, IP:Iron Hide, Leap armor bonus, War Cry, Axe of Sankis proc) I don’t really need it! I know it sounds scary…but you gotta trust me on this. With no real fury spenders (i.e. Hota) the only real heal comes from EQ and maybe spamming sprint. I feel comfortable not using this passive and healing solely on health globes, LAEK, and potions. You may or may not feel the same way. If that is the case, you can replace one of the DPS passives for BT. I personally haven’t found a reason to use it…but it could be because of my playstyle. I also find that because of the cooldown (even slight) on EQ the real fury spender for me is sprint. I can’t seem to spam that fast enough for it to warrant a decent heal…so I don’t use it. Feel free to experiment!!

Using the Build:

For lack of better explanation, I will just give you an example of how to use this and how the dps rotation works. Let’s assume the target is a random trash mob grouped with a set of blue elites AND a set of Gold elites. My order of operations is as follows:

  • Activate Warcry (primarily for fury gen) NOTE: If using WW rather than Warcry, you actually have to start with Leap as the kickstart to the rotation.
  • Use fury from WarCry/leap to sprint directly through all of the mobs. The knock back should take effect on all trash mobs, the blue mob, and the minions from the gold mob as soon as they land. Note: if you used leap, you should still be able to run back through the mob and keep enemies in your EQ (knockback isn't that ridiculous)
  • Once you run through the mob, the 5 second counter has started! Leap backwards through the mob and hit as many of the enemies as possible. Each leap will have the move damage bonus from hexing, the bonus damage from the Strongarm Bracers as well as the bonus mitigation from Leap:Iron Impact (making you very tough to kill).
  • If needed, pop IP. Often times, when I know a mob is going to be nasty, I use IP immediately before jumping into the mob.
  • I typically save Wrath for “sticky” situations, but my uptime as of late has become to where I can pretty much pop it on almost every mob I see. I use wrath sparingly when I know I am in a nasty rift (i.e. crazy kiting or stun mobs from act 4/5).
  • Since I am not really using fury spenders (outside of EQ/Sprint), I typically have enough fury to sprint out of the mob and on to the next one. Due to the natural cooldown of EQ, you aren’t really spamming the ability so the cost there is more than made up with the 3 leaps. Occasionally, I find myself a little short on fury…but typically that lasts only for a few seconds since warcry is on a pretty short CD as is leap.

Conclusions and Final Notes:

The barbarian has had a series of changes that people quickly assumed made him useless. The entire purpose of this was not to brag about anything…but more to open the eyes of everyone. Stop being sheep. Stop looking up builds on youtube. Stop watching streamers and emulating what they think is the “definitive build”. T6 builds can be born ANYWHERE….even at the crafting table.

This build has weaknesses that I want to continually improve upon. The primary downside is single-target DPS. I am pretty comfortable with my kill times with the Stun rune on bigger bosses, but goblins are my true measure of success/failure. I have killed most T5 goblins I have come across, but oftentimes if they are runners they do get away. I’m sure I’ll find a way to work though this. Out of the 12 goblins I came across, only 2 got away…and one had a sliver of health (grrr). When the goblin is about to port, you can actually use sprint as an interrupt to give you a bit more time.

Is this the best build out there? Probably not…but when you see it in action it is actually really fun. I have no pride when it comes to things like this, so if you have improvements or theories that may help my build…please let me know!

Shameless plug: I often stream at Feel free to stop by and check me out!
Thanks for reading my barbarian brothers…and may the good loot drop for you soon!!

Profile link:

EDIT: I am changing this right now back to a T5 Build. In running some more rifts, you guys were right! There are some affixes that are just ridiculous to handle. Also as some of you stated...T6 Goblins are a pipe dream lmao! I can get them down to about 1/3 health sometimes lower but they are just too damn agile and leap speed reduction hurts the melt time.

I WILL RETURN!.. Until then...Enjoy this build in T5 no problemo. I will still post videos of my T6 runs...and will also be streaming this weekend. Not 100% back to the drawing board...but I feel like I can switch out some stuff to be just a bit more effective.

This build can function and complete T6 rifts in 15 minutes with 3 or less deaths...but who wants to die? lol...hence I downgraded the build description for now. :]

GOOD NEWS: Neva (Blue) announced that the Leap speed of both the Male an Female barbarian will be reverted to a speed FASTER than the original leap speed of the Female Barbarian. Although this announcement sounds minor, this will have major impacts on tDPS of EQ and may even make CDR the #1 stat for LeapQuake Barbs...

UPDATE: The Leap speed has been increased and man it feels good! Current tests by PhatPhoEater indicate that a 45% CDR will allow 2 full rotations of leap within the Harrington's Belt Proc. More testing needs to be done on this...and I will update this post as more info becomes available

this is excellent thank you very much for sharing this with us. i have yet to find any of the EQ set parts but when i do this is what im using now. thank you.
05/13/2014 07:07 PMPosted by starfox6913
this is excellent thank you very much for sharing this with us. i have yet to find any of the EQ set parts but when i do this is what im using now. thank you.

No worries! I hope it helps...if you do find ways to improve the build be sure to drop by here and let me know!

Nice guide Pri once I get pieces of the EQ set I'll definitely try it. I'll also direct members of Aspis that are tired/bored of the regular EQ build here.

"Respect The Shield"
Clan Ασπις

We Are The Banned of Gamers
Maybe replace sprint w/ Furious Charge/Merciless and use Berzerker Rage?
05/13/2014 07:14 PMPosted by LegitBeastin
Maybe replace sprint w/ Furious Charge/Merciless and use Berzerker Rage?

Replace sprint? Never! :3

That's an interesting approach, but I don't like how charge plays honestly lol. The little pause at the end of the charge bothers me to no end.

I will test it however and make notes to the OP as a variant!

Thanks for the suggestion.
It seems to, intuitively, be much worse when it comes to damage and healing compared to many other builds.
at first i have to say thank u pri for this very useful guide
reading this made me thinking and now i have some questions
1. with no cinder and CDR on every gear we're gonna lose alot of EDPS, and ur Dmg vs. Es is 15 at most with unity, well with soj is 30 but i dunt have a good rolled for fire so im like u on this hehe
2. my EQ glove as u see in my profile rolled str, vit, cc, cd, would i change cd to CDR? which lower my dps (question 1)
3. i have a ares potion which rolled 62, and armor potion which rolled 14 which one i should use, currently im using armor one
Thanks for pointing out this build option, worth a try!
05/13/2014 07:49 PMPosted by DayWalker
1. with no cinder and CDR on every gear we're gonna lose alot of EDPS, and ur Dmg vs. Es is 15 at most with unity, well with soj is 30 but i dunt have a good rolled for fire so im like u on this hehe

I make up for the DPS from cinder coat by stacking EQ damage on every piece of gear that I can and also the +25% damage bonus from Hexing pants. Since i have no real spenders, the Cinder Coat is not very useful.

This build basically makes it so I never die in T5 and only get killed in T6 with Jailor/waller combos that hold me still when wrath is down.

The eDPS from cindercoat is proably there, but I make feel like I more than make up for it else where. While i'm fully buffed I a doing approx 2m EDPS...

It's something you can test...but I feel like the set bonus from Born's is more valuable to my build.

05/13/2014 07:49 PMPosted by DayWalker
2. my EQ glove as u see in my profile rolled str, vit, cc, cd, would i change cd to CDR? which lower my dps (question 1)

NO. Do not roll CD to CDR! If anything the Vitality would be the piece to roll off....assuming you can make up for vit in other places. Also keep in mind as you continue to level, you will have paragon points to put into vitality and %life.

05/13/2014 07:49 PMPosted by DayWalker
3. i have a ares potion which rolled 62, and armor potion which rolled 14 which one i should use, currently im using armor one

Lol..gotta test it! Armor is pure mitigation (regardless of damage type)...I am honestly using the potion I have because it's what I got lol...
05/13/2014 07:47 PMPosted by Freudian
It seems to, intuitively, be much worse when it comes to damage and healing compared to many other builds.

Could be. I dunno..considering I don't need any gimics to keep me alive and I am clearing T6 rifts in about 14 min average (17 min max so far)...I don't think it's too bad.

Like I said...never claimed it to be the best build out there. But it works!

Any tips or ideas are much appreciated.
What's ur clear speed per t6 run average? I did a few runs since patch and sadly my clear times are slower. I can still do t6 without issues but the leap animation is a pain to use.

Everytime u feels like the games get choppy despite at 60 fps. Sigh.
appreciate the guide but im still skeptical about this build's sustainability.

relying on health globes alone.. u wont last against certain bosses like the lightning rift guard or the ice rift guard (ice circles).

ive moved onto life regen and reaper wraps with my fire eq build. the fury gain on it is "almost" as good pre-fix earthen fury.
Single target DPS is the biggest issue here. I tried a non hota build running with random skills with sprint/eq as my only spenders. It wasn't particularly satisfying to run around in circles waiting for my leap to come off CD.

I've messed around with avalanche in place of hota but its the same problem as above. With no fury spender I'm just running around spamming sprint waiting for both ava and leap to come off CD.

Getting to 40ish CDR requires having it on paragon/helm socket and 3 other slots. If you do go Borns set you get it on weapon/set bonus and then shoulder I guess. The big drawback here is losing the additive Elite dam bonus from a SK. I'm not sure shaving a second off Leap's CD is worth up to half of your easily reached Elite damage bonus (30 soj, 30 SK).

I don't have any answers but single target damage is the biggest issue IMO.
so you pop ur oh-crap wrath and then leap. what do you the rest of the time offensively in T6? Tank & Kite?

T6 goblin good luck.
Rift Guardian solo good luck

mobs that runs away good luck
the biggest thing your lacking is a video btw.

I want to see you fighting something that hits back.
Well pri.. my suggestion is to do a t6 video of ur run.. I took a look on ur gears.. it seems challenging to sustain on certain afflixes especially when you do not have a consistent fury spender to dump your fury. Care to show a video on ur solo run ? Always good to see alternatives and "fresh" ideas
05/13/2014 08:09 PMPosted by Lightofeast
What's ur clear speed per t6 run average? I did a few runs since patch and sadly my clear times are slower. I can still do t6 without issues but the leap animation is a pain to use.

I've only done about 10 so I can't really give you a big sample. Right now I'm running anywhere between 12-14 min (Max is about 17 with really crappy kitey mobs)

05/13/2014 08:14 PMPosted by Rontu
appreciate the guide but im still skeptical about this build's sustainability.
relying on health globes alone.. u wont last against certain bosses like the lightning rift guard or the ice rift guard (ice circles).

The mitigation allows me to jump up to near 30 million numbers. The key is never taking the damage to begin with and knowing when to pick up health globes. You can be skeptical..but i can guarantee that it does T6 with minimal deaths. I will be streaming some this weekend with this build and continuing to test and tweak. I can get some VoD's recorded and I will post them here.

You are right there maybe some affixes that I will have issues with...but I have to keep testing to see!

05/13/2014 08:18 PMPosted by PhatPhoEater
I don't have any answers but single target damage is the biggest issue IMO.

Yeah like I said it's the weakest piece of it. usually the stun lets me run through the boss with Marathon and still do DPS while it's cooking. I don't feel as if the kill times are extraordinary...but it doesn't take forever either.

I will have to keep trying to come up with options that don't require ridiculous RCR.
05/13/2014 08:32 PMPosted by Lightofeast
Well pri.. my suggestion is to do a t6 video of ur run.. I took a look on ur gears.. it seems challenging to sustain on certain afflixes especially when you do not have a consistent fury spender to dump your fury. Care to show a video on ur solo run ?

Yeah...I will work on it this weekend...I'll probably be streaming some and it records automatically.

Like I said the build is not perfect...but it definitely cruises through T5 (3/4 elites at once) and so far seems decent in T6.

It might not be perfect...but I will get it there eventually.

Good replies there mate. Steady and cool: )

U know our dear barb community can be demanding at times Haha. Anyway looking forward to your videos.

I only have a trial bandicam..and I haven't been able to reach rift boss at 10mins mark since patch. Kinda disappointed but I will do some tweaking tonight when my boss (wife ) is sleeping heh

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