Monk Fire or Lightning?

I started playing my monk again and wanted to start gearing up. So far it looks like fire damage is the direction I'm heading towards. However, am I going in the wrong direction? Should I aim for Lightning damage to get the most out of my character? Is there more benefit for a monk to be Lightning over Fire?

It appears the majority of the monks I'm running with are using Lightning. Please advise.
Fire will do more damage. The drops I have found so far pushed me towards lightning.
I wanted to run a lightening monk but looks like I am going to switch it over to a fire monk... The reason is that I can pull the gear off my DH, that is already + fire, craft a devistator, and I have the burning axe already so my +elem to fire will be amazing, then maybe craft a couple set pieces and farm a Monk RoRG or just use my DH's,

This is just a lot easier then trying to piece together the stuff I would need for a lightening monk.. Maybe later after I have played her some more and picked up some pieces of gear. But in the mean time Fire perform better.
Why not both.


Well that is what I am trying right now
I run Lightning and can speed farm t1-t3. T4 is where the lack of survivable Ty starts kicking in, and it just isn't worth the random death here and there. I think to comfortably farm t4 + fire is the way to go if you have the CDR for constant Epiphany uptime.

Here's to hoping they fix our survivability to make more than one spec viable.
im doing both .. lighting monk is doing t4 solo np and t6 grouped

still working on fire gear. I made 2 monk so I don't have to keep switching back and forth lol

lighting build

fire build still under construction

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