Need help with this Manticore!

Demon Hunter

I recently found a decently rolled Manticore that came with a socket and high avg poison damage, but I'm not quite sure what to reroll. My gut feeling is to reroll the low dex roll into 10% enhanced damage, which will further increase my weapon DPS once the elemental bugfix is live.

I guess the only two choices are:
+644 dex or +35% crit damage
Let the crit dmg fly away, its weaker than anything else on the weapon. Really don't overesitamte CD on weapons, 35% in most cases below 5% dmg gain, while 6xx dex can easily be around 7% of a gain, 7% ias is a 7% gain if you can use it and 10% dmg is a 10% gain, the CD with such a low stat is just screaming reroll me.

10% dmg for that is the best option, while 7% ias may be better as long as %dmg is bugged, you can roll it on 10% as soon as the bug is fixed, ias is likely usable on a xbow, unlike on handbows for most builds.

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